Ms Demeanour Boutique

Nestled in amongst the café dominated strip on Albany Hwy in East Vic Park is Ms Demeanour Boutique. What looks deceivingly small from the exterior reveals a vast treasure trove on the inside.

Emily Ace
April 7, 2017
Shop Local

Nestled in amongst the café dominated strip on Albany Hwy in East Vic Park is Ms Demeanour Boutique. What looks deceivingly small from the exterior reveals a vast treasure trove on the inside.

In today’s world where large corporations have pushed out the little guys and filled our shelves with the same mundane clothing, there are still surviving boutiques like Ms Demeanour to offer us something different. This family store has heart and the personal touches the big brands fail to provide.

Ms Demeanour Boutique Vic Park

Welcome to the Family

After working in catering for 10 year and the birth of her kids, owner Beth Mcloughlin decided it was time for a new adventure. A local Vic Park girl herself, she realised there wasn’t a lot to do on the well-known strip after enjoying a meal. With a new dream in mind and a little experience in wholesale, she decided to go for it. Ms Demeanour opened its doors in 2009 and hasn’t looked back.

Her vision is to stock items that allow mothers and daughters to be able to shop together and both find something they love. With customers spanning from ages 13 to 90 plus, there is something for everyone.   

Ms Demeanour Boutique

Do It Differently

The style is angled towards casual street wear, a one stop shop for all of your essentials. You will also find dressier playsuits, dresses and silk items in store with more formal stock to be added in the future. You can also stock up on all of your accessories; hats, jewellery, shoes, bags and belts to finish off your new look.

Not wanting to blend into the crowd, Beth stocks many lesser known labels that you won’t find everywhere else. Ms Demeanour exclusively carries Beth’s own clothing label Vance & Ainsley, as well as Spicy Sugar, Country Denim, Madison Square, Runaway the Label, Infamous Friends and many more. You can expect to find jewellery by labels Lillyco, Rare Rabbit and Urban Lustre.

Ms Demeanour Boutique clothing

Affordable Price Tag

 As a small business with a family of her own, Beth knows the importance of keeping her products accessible to all her customers. With most dresses and similar items carrying a price tag of around $69, your credit card can hardly complain. The dearest silk garments go up to around $189, but would be double that price if you were shopping in South Perth.

It’s a hard feat leaving without a bag full of goodies to refresh your wardrobe, and the perfect place to start to get ready for winter.

Ms Demeanour Boutique accessories

Homeware Heaven

As well as clothing, Ms Demeanour carries a range of on trend homewares and other luxury items. The shelves are filled with cushions, lamps, artworks and table pieces, as well as organic moisturisers, body washes and hand creams.  

I have it on good word that the Butter Cookie candles are to die for.

Urban Lustre candles

Retail Therapy

If you are busy juggling your kids during the day or just don’t have the time for some well needed retail therapy, Ms Demeanour host private shopping nights outside of trading hours. It’s a great opportunity to organise that baby sitter, call up your best shopping partners and browse the night away without distraction- all the while feeling a bit special. If you are lucky enough you might end up modelling her clothes with Beth often using customers in photo shoots.

Ms Demeanour boutique gifts

Local Matters/Community Spirit

The Vic Park community is a tight one, and Beth does regular collaborations with other local businesses including Hair Halo, Decanter and the Dutch Trading Company. If you are a fellow local business owner or worker, you are entitled to 10% off at the store.

Ms Demeanour Boutique homewares

Open 10am- 5pm Monday to Thursday, 10am- 7pm Fridays, 10am- 5pm Saturday and 11am- 4pm on Sundays.

You can check them out on FacebookInstagram or on their website. With an online store, you can even shop from home in your pyjamas.

Located at 844 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park

Emily Ace

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