Perth's Craft Beer Heaven

Location: Belmont

Good bottleshops are hard to find. Especially in Perth. Mane Liquor is the breath of fresh air that comes with an independent bottleshop with the abundance of shopping-chain style liquor stores around Perth. Finding a beer that you haven't seen in every bottleshop becomes a lot easier once you enter Mane Liquor.

Operating as Mane Liquor for over 4 years, owner Josh Daley came from studying human biology & medical at uni. Thanks to being in the right time and right place he begun at Mane Liquor as a casual manager of what was then a 'Thirsty Camel' liquor store. "Eventually we dabbled in craft beer and I was offered a partnership as the business was changing and growing so I took it and quit university".

Utilising the busy Great Eastern Highway, and the strong airport traffic, there was a strong pull to do something different, as there are already several liquor stores within a short distance from Mane Liquor. "Craft came way down the track and we weren't even sure how it would be perceived to begin with but it has taken off and I think we got in at the right time."

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