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With pumping beats and eclectic styling, The London Hair Loft is edgy and luxurious all in one. It dares to be different to stand out from the rest, both in its style and dedication to its customers.

Emily Ace
April 7, 2017
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Life's too short for bad hair

With pumping beats and eclectic styling, The London Hair Loft is edgy and luxurious all in one. It dares to be different to stand out from the rest, both in its style and dedication to its customers.

A small salon in the Northern Suburbs, it feels like you are dropping by to see friends every time you visit. Walking in you are always greeted warmly and most importantly, offered wine. If you come in on weekends that gets upgraded to a cocktail. You can always opt for a hot beverage, but seriously, wine.

The first thing you notice is the vast wooden log table divided down the middle by a sleek, slimline mirror. Assembled inside the building as it was too large to fit through the doors, it is dotted with candles dripping wax across the surface to add even more character. The lavish chesterfields, cowhide rug, mix matched lighting fixtures and exposed cinder block walls all add to the atmosphere of opulence meets industrial.  

London calling

Owner, Grant Withey, embodies the same modern style he has injected into his décor. The London born hairstylist relocated to Perth 5 years ago, and began working in Head Studio on King Street.

With 15 years of experience under his belt, he decided to start his own venture with plans to open a salon in Northbridge. The insane rent prices had the wheels screeching to a halt. It was then his dad, Chris, owner of successful barbershop Shape “up” at Barbertown suggested the empty shopfront just next door. At first he didn’t even consider it an option, but after extensive research and Instagram stalking of just about every salon north of the river, he realised they were charging the same prices as king street. According to Grant, however, these salons were missing crucial elements; no service and no result.

Determined to bring the ladies of the burbs good service and great hair, The London Hair Loft was born on June 6th 2015. The legion of dedicated clients following him from the city all the way to Hocking are testament to his work. With sass and professionalism in spades, it’s not hard to see why.

Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be

 A self-professed perfectionist, he demands only the best for his clients. He expects his staff to build relationships; know everyone’s name, know how they like their hair styled, what they drink. Most importantly, he believes in a methodical approach for a proper haircut, start to finish. This means a wash (with an amazing head massage), cut, blow dry and style. Washing the hair is an important step as it opens up your hair growth pattern, meaning when you go home and wash it again the cut won’t be uneven. Despite being teased for being a little OCD, he insists it’s better to be thorough.

By the end of your treatment, you feel like a million dollars. Trust me, you don’t want to waste a hair day this good, so make you sure you have somewhere to be or someone to see afterwards!

Live colourfully or dye trying

Grant loves every part of his job, from intense dye jobs to the thrill of getting someone out of their comfort zone into something fresh and different.

With the barbershop located conveniently next door, it’s a one stop shop for the whole family. With the guy’s heading next door for a cut and the mum’s and daughter’s heading into the Loft for their pampering time.    

Affordable and cruelty free

Keeping affordability and ease of use in mind, the shelves at TLHL are stocked with ‘Eleven’ products which are cruelty free and Australian made. In the time poor society we live in, no one has a spare hour to use a million different products in their daily routine. Eleven has, you guessed it, eleven different properties in each bottle making it an all in one solution.

In the future Grant hopes to open another London Hair Loft in America, but for now he is focusing on cultivating a great team and creating an even atmosphere.

Whether you’re after a fresh cut, some creative colour or just a fun afternoon with your best girlfriend, look no further than London Hair Loft. For only $65 for a wash, cut and style, it’s a quality you wouldn’t expect to find in the suburbs.

Open Tuesday through to Saturday with late night most nights and flexible hours- just ask!

Because after all, life is more beautiful when you meet the right hairdresser.

You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram, or find them at Wyatt Grove shopping centre 100 Gungurru Ave, Hocking

Emily Ace

Hi Guys! I’m Emily; a cheese, pun and quilting enthusiast who spends too much time watching Friends. Thanks for sharing our passion of all things Perth and supporting the amazing local businesses we have all around us. My motto is to see all the things, do all the things and, most importantly, eat all the things.