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Emily Ace
April 7, 2017
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A Ray of Sunshine When Skies Are Grey

Nothing can brighten your day more than being gifted a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers, and Little Laughing Bells is all about helping to spread happiness and sunshine to the important people in your life

These beautiful bunches are organic, whimsical and wild, a style florist and owner Krissie says comes naturally to her. While she puts a lot of thought into the flowers she uses for her arrangements, she says they are in no way planned or forced.

Little Laughing Bells Florist

Natures Gift

Australian flowers and foliage make frequent appearances in Krissie’s arrangements, always working with seasonal produce that reflects the true beauty of nature. These are her favourite as they are a dream to work with, always the most beautiful colours, and are incredibly long lasting.  

Sourcing her flowers fresh from the markets, she never knows what beautiful blooms she will find with each visit. This means each week’s arrangements are as much a surprise for Krissie as they are for her customers! She guarantees that every arrangement, although always unique, will be truly beautiful and made with love.

Little Laughing Bells gifts Perth

The Little Prince

The story of Little Laughing Bells is an inspirational tale of something beautiful born out of a tragic situation. The name itself if heavy with meaning and significance, as it was taken from a famous quote from the book ‘The Little Prince’ written by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

In one of those stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night…. You- only you- will have stars that can laugh”
“It will be as if in place of the stars, I had given you a great number of little bells that knew how to laugh...”

This book is very dear to Krissie, as a copy was a gifted to her father back in 1981. This was a treasured addition to his bookshelf due to its thought provoking and profound observations of life and human nature.

Little Laughing Bells flower boquet

While her father was in the midst of fighting cancer,  Krissie sought out the book for comfort during the incredibly difficult time. In her father’s final days, she would read pages of The Little Prince to him at his bedside. She used the passage quoted above when her own words seemed fumbled and too heavy with emotion to express all she wanted to say.

To her, these words told her dad that he would always be a special part of who they are, and that they would be ok. At this stage, these were important words for him to hear. The night her dad passed, Krissie began writing memories and stories of her father for 366 days- a ‘little laughing bell' for each day of the year.

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All the Small Things

Throughout this process she realised that although her dad did so many great and grand things to help others in his life, it was the small seemingly insignificant gestures that resonated with her. These little love-filled gestures were the truest reflection of his character.

This helped her to discover it was the small things that matter the most, inspiring her to create a business that is all about showing appreciation for others.

This was combined with floristry when she realised her passion while arranging flowers for her own DIY festival wedding. Amongst all the organised chaos planning a wedding brings, she appreciated the meditative time being surrounded by flowers and friends.

Little Laughing Bells Perth florist

Finding the Balance

As well as creating these floral masterpieces, Krissie also works full time as a teacher. This means waking up before the sun is up and starting her day browsing the flower markets surrounded by beautiful, seasonal blooms. Although she confesses she is not a morning person and struggles at times to roll out of bed, once she is up she ‘smiles like a goof’ all the way to the market and back as flower arranging fills her with such joy.

Owner of Little Laughing Bells Perth

A sucker for a good project, Krissie says every speck of free time has always been dedicated to activities such a quilting, candle making, cooking, sewing, gardening, up-cycling and crafting. She thrives on a busy schedule- with coffee in hand- but finds her calm in the beautiful creative nature of floristry which balances nicely with her full time job.

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Beautiful Blooms

Whether you are after a simple bunch of Little Laughing Bells, or prefer a jar or vase filled with beautiful florals, the choice is yours. If you would love to fill your home with fresh flowers every week, you can opt for a four week subscription that allows you to purchase bunches at a reduced price. Your first bunch can be delivered in a jar or vase, with the subsequent weeks deliveries consisting of custom flower refills. You can even purchase the book that inspired it all alongside your florals.

If you think Little Laughing Bells flowers would be the perfect fit for your special occasion, there is a special events package option available. Krissie relishes in being a part of special celebrations, and is always happy to create custom arrangements for her customers. 

Little Laughing Bells Floral art

Start Your Weekend the Right Way

LLB deliver all of their flowers on Saturdays, and I couldn’t think of a more special way to start your weekend! Their creations are all available to be ordered online at affordable prices, with all orders closing at 8pm on Wednesday evenings for delivery on Saturday.

Little Laughing Bells Perth floral display

With Little Laughing Bells only officially launching just over 3 months ago, Krissie has been blown away by the support and encouragement offered by fellow small businesses and customers for which she is thankful.

If you are itching to order a bunch of Little Laughing Bells for someone special, or as a treat for yourself, head to their website or be inspired by their Instagram.

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