Here’s how you can save $100 with the new leaky tap rebate in Perth

The Water Corporation has recently announced their Leak Assist program helping to connect West Australians with their local plumber again.

Dylan Urquhart
July 9, 2020
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Did you know that your leaky tap in your bathroom or kitchen could be wasting up to 10,000 litres of water a year? The burden of a leaky tap in your house in Perth is something that we all want to avoid, particularly if the problem is going unnoticed. Not all leaky taps are entirely obvious, and even when they are, people often put off fixing the tap for as long as possible. However, the smallest of drips can still be wasting a significant amount of water each year, and will ultimately increase your water bill in the process. So whether you’ve not viewed the issue as a priority, or didn’t want to fork out the money to pay to have it repaired, now is your chance to receive a $100 rebate when you have your leaky tap repaired. 

Water Corporation Leak Assist 

The Water Corporation have recently announced their Leak Assist program helping to connect West Australians with their local plumber again. If you are a Perth or Mandurah resident, you are eligible to receive a $100 rebate when you get your household leak repaired by a licensed plumber. To claim your rebate, the Water Corporation have outlined these three simple steps to follow: 

  1. Identify whether you actually have a leak in your home or not. The Water Corporation has a free online leak detection tool to assess the problem and spot where the leak is coming from. 

  1. Once you have confirmed that there is a leaky tap in your home, you can then call upon the help of a licensed plumber. No Probs Plumbing and Gas are experienced specialists helping to deal with all tap leak issues around Perth in a timely manner. Simply ask us to provide you with a copy of our invoice, your meter number, your meter reading at the time of repair, and a description of the types of repairs that were made. If it was an irrigation leak we can tell you whether you have a manual isolation valve and master solenoid installed. 
  2. Once you have all of these details and your leak has been repaired, you’re ready to claim your rebate! Head to the Water Corporation website to complete the leak assist application form

Once this claim has been approved, the $100 rebate will be applied to your water bill. It’s that simple! These rebates are limited, and the applications must be made before 15 July 2021. If you are experiencing a leak in your household, please contact No Probs Plumbing on (08) 9315 5545.

Dylan Urquhart

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