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Cocktail dress shopping can be at times prove stressful. Insurge Clothing stock frocks from around the world to give you a look no one else has.

Tessa Dempster
April 7, 2017
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Location: South Perth
Casual, cocktail and evening wear

It’s a shopping expedition that can either be a cause for excitement, or at times dread. I’m talking the cocktail dress. I was on the dread side of the spectrum when I stumbled into Insurge Clothing in South Perth. After a disheartening few hours shopping the day before, I walked into the store feeling less than enthusiastic. Lucky for me, the lovely Isabela was my fashion fairy godmother, bringing me option after option until we discovered “THE DRESS”.

The three C’s

There’s a fine line between overdressed and underdressed. Insurge brings you the happy medium. Finally a clothing store covering the three C’s in one place! I’m talking Casual, Cocktail and Classy. Insurge seems to make the transition from ladies luncheon to evening drinks look simple.

Global brands

The racks are filled with signature brands Shona Joy, Alex Perry and Winona, however Insurge tries to find you statement pieces. Searching the globe for an outfit that will leave others in envy, providing a solution to the typical concern of “twinning” with another girl at an event. There are designers from Brazil, Italy, USA and of course Australia. 

The prices vary starting from $49 all the way up to $2000, it’s paying a little bit more for something you’ll wear regularly and will last. WARNING: not a place to shop if you have a shopping addiction. I walked in and had to talk myself through the 12 steps to avoid my bank account seeing red.

Let’s accessorise

It’s not just about the frocks. If you can’t find the right accessories to pair with your new favourite piece of clothing, once again it’s Insurge to the rescue. They have an extensive range of jewellery to round off your outfit perfectly. The store has also recently begun stocking Mode Collective footwear to keep your feet happy as well. They’re built for comfort allowing you to dance all night without your feet protesting. A blister is just your body’s way of getting back at you for bad shoes!

They stock clothing sizes 4 to 14 and once a size is gone, “that’s all folks”. Insurge Clothing aims to keep you feeling good and looking better. It’s a one-stop shop – a must go!

Tessa Dempster

Hi, I'm Tessa. I've lived all over Western Australia getting to sample food, wine, local events and more. I'm merciless when it comes to a long black, love a glass or three of red wine, and can often be found showing off my eccentric but enthusiastic moves whenever there is music playing (shopping centres included). I now document my finds and antics for Perth Underground. Hit me up if you want me to come discover your business! I'd love to pop by for a chat.