How green is your business? Here’s a quick test.

This handy tip is recyclable and will save you money! Slip your green thumb into these eco-friendly mitts.

Tessa Dempster
April 7, 2017
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Does your business get the green tick?

o   Do you use environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products?
o   Have you installed energy efficient LED lighting?
o   Are your appliances energy efficient?
o   Do you make sure you are recycling all reusable products?
o   Are you sure?
o   What about plastic, latex gloves?

If you manage to get through the above questionnaire without a single no – congratulations, you get a green tick of approval! However, if you fall short with a few negative responses, I may have a solution to your eco-woes. Australia is the third best country at recycling, with over 51% of household waste avoiding landfill each year. Get back in the green with this handy invention, designed for the hospitality industry to help your business start saving.

Save on time

In the hospitality industry there is always one thing quickly filling up the bins - latex gloves. Apart from being difficult to slip on and off in a hurry, disposable latex gloves are non-recyclable. What if I could let you in on a little secret? That there is an environmentally friendly option available and it could dramatically decrease your plastic consumption and make gloving-up a breeze? Introducing Clean Hands® by EasyGrab, a biodegradable multi-use glove, that snaps on and off in just a matter of seconds.

Quicker than putting on latex gloves

Save the environment and a few dollars

Ever wondered how much waste your business goes through? Australians are serial offenders when it comes to waste production. In the past two decades alone our waste production has risen 163% - now that’s not very environmentally friendly! In the hospitality industry, waste is commonplace. Whether it’s food, containers or unused stock, the bins are always full when it’s time to flip the closed sign. With Clean Hands® by EasyGrab at least you can reduce one thing in your bins - plastic gloves. Some large hospitality chains go through thousands of gloves a week that go directly to landfill. Instead of constantly having to struggle in and out of the five-pronged finger straight-jackets, EasyGrab’s Clean Hands® glove just slips right on (Cinderella and her shoe style). As it’s reusable, you could be looking at using just seven per week - instead of one for every time you serve a customer. Not only will you reduce wait time and a costly business expense, you are also doing a little bit for the environment as well as EasyGrab gloves are 100% biodegradable. No more glove-filled skip bins!

Touching food that's meant for customers with your bare hands is a big no-no

So how does it work?

EasyGrab’s Clean Hands® system comes with a magnetic docking base. The system has a innovative, magnetic and inter-changeable wristband that allows the user to change gloves with ease, allowing you to keep your hands clean and practice good hygiene. The product is designed for businesses who have cash-handling and food service in the same area. Did you know studies have shown that there can be more bacteria on a coin than on a toilet seat? You don’t want to be transferring any of this bacteria onto your customers’ food. Keep the tongs in the kitchen and simply snap on-and-off with Clean Hands® by EasyGrab. The gloves are also non-powdered unlike other glove products due to their easy on/off design. This makes them non-irritable and perfect for people with sensitive skin.


Go green and get the gloves

Clean Hands® by EasyGrab saves money, saves time and saves the environment. For more information, visit their website or Facebook, and get these eco-friendly gloves into your store.

Tessa Dempster

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