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Where can you purchase fabrics fit for a queen in Perth?

Emily Ace
April 7, 2017
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Fit for a Queen

Where can you purchase fabrics fit for a queen in Perth? Fabulous fabrics of course!

And this isn’t just a figure of speech in this case, with the King, Queen and Princess of Thailand stopping by to stock up on beautiful fabrics. If that wasn’t enough to impress, star of stage and screen - the one and only - Liza Minnelli is another high profile customer.

Unlike the abundance of craft fabric stores saturating the market like Spotlight and Lincraft, Fablous Fabrics address the high end market, and are the only store in Perth to do so.

Fabulous Fabrics Perth

The Best Europe Has to Offer

Owner Chris Hearn has over 30 years of experience working with fabric, and travels all over Europe to bring the best and most luxurious fabrics back to her store direct from the mills. Not only are the selections of the highest quality, but they are also exclusive to her store, with no one else in Australia buying direct from these mills. As such, she is the leading stockist for Perth designers, couturiers and dressmakers.

Stocking fabrics, suiting and laces that have been run by fashion houses Chanel and Elie Saab, you can be confident you have access to the very best. Although the many trips to Paris make Chris’ job sound glamourous, she says it is taxing and difficult work, but worth going direct to the source to know they are getting the very best.

European fabrics Perth

Luxuriously Affordable

While these fabrics may sound like they would be of exorbitant cost, Chris manages to keep the prices down by buying direct rather than through a wholesaler. Comparatively, in Sydney and Melbourne you could be paying six to eight hundred dollars a metre for lace, while Fabulous Fabrics has a range that starts from under one hundred dollars to around three hundred.

Chris says that when choosing stock, if she can’t hold it up in front of a mirror and imagine it looking amazing, she won’t buy it. She also makes sure to have matching plain and sheer fabrics in an array of materials to layer with each fabric choice.

Fabulous Fabrics Perth

Here Comes the Bride

Brides can enjoy their own mezzanine level to browse and try fabrics in front of the mirror to find the perfect combination they are looking for. If a bride-to-be comes in with a photo of what they are after, Chris says it would be extremely rare if they couldn't recreate it.

With extensive knowledge in all things fabric and sewing, the staff can help find the right materials to create the effect the bride is after and figure out the correct meterage needed. If required, they can recommend capable dressmakers who do a fantastic job for a fair price.

Bridal fabrics at Fabulous Fabrics

Choose Bespoke

As well as creating a unique gown that can be customised completely to you, there are huge savings to be made this way. Chris says that the wedding dresses you may be paying four to five thousand dollars for in a store are usually quite simple, and can be easily created and tailored for much less. This can be a fantastic solution to not finding your dream dress in a store!

Fabulous Fabrics is the destination for ball dresses fabrics, and guarantees no one else will have the same gown as you on your special night. This can also be the perfect option if you are attending a wedding as a guest- especially if you are the mother of the bride or groom.

Customised wedding dresses Fabous Fabrics Perth

From the First Cut to the Last Stitch

Chris says she loves being able to enter into someone else’s journey and sharing their excitement in creating something special. As the staff are all passionate sewers, they are happy to help you along with any issues you may face after purchasing and beginning to sew your design.

Chris says her staff are all about solutions, and loves to create close relationships with her customers to see them through from purchasing the fabric to the completed piece.

Fabrics at Fabulous Fabrics Perth

Sew what are you waiting for?

With more information at our fingertips now more than ever, (and of course all the Pinterest inspiration!) there’s no better time to start learning to sew and begin making your own creations.   

Chris says the team at Fabulous Fabrics is all about empowering women; helping the ladies that come in to feel good about their creations, themselves and what they look like. Making clothing for yourself not only gives you a sense of achievement, but also fits so much better than anything you might pull from a rack in a store.

Fabric samples Fabulous Fabrics Perth

Second to None

Chris says that her quality fabrics can’t be beaten, and that once you have seen the best, it is hard to settle for less. You can be assured that once your creation is finished, it will never be second best.

If you aren’t based in Perth, do not fret. Fabulous Fabrics can send samples and organise phone orders for customers all over Australia, both in cities and rural areas.  You can also browse a small selection of products on their website.

High quality fabrics at Fabulous Fabrics

Fabulous Fabrics doors are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, with late night trade on Thursdays until 8pm.

Find out more on their website, or Facebook.

You can find them located at unit 1/160 Balcatta Road, Balcatta.

Happy Sewing!

Emily Ace

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