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Take a break from the rush of the working week and drop by Emursion for a chat, chop, colour or just to relax!

Tessa Dempster
April 7, 2017
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Location: Mount Hawthorn

Just Relax

Ladies, a day at the hairdresser is few and far between. Taking a few hours out of the day to get those roots fixed up, or feeling confident the hairdresser wont cut off two inches too much, or leave you copper when you explicitly asked for auburn. Am I right? Going to get your locks looked after should leave you feeling refreshed, but there’s always the chance you may have to bring back the beanie for six to eight weeks. Fiona Fullerton at Emursion Hair Artistry understands this better than most, opening her Mount Hawthorn hair studio with the sole purpose of relaxation, zen and of course, great hair.


Drop by and say hi

Located on the busy Scarborough Beach Road strip, Fiona has travelled the world working in hairdressing spending many years setting up salons in the Bahamas. This is evident in the beach-themed décor in Emursion, with side tables and mirrors made from coffee trees in Java. Even the subtle smell of incense immediately calms you as you enter the hair studio.

Locals often drift into the shop to enjoy the serenity without an appointment, simply to enjoy a cup of tea and conversation with the Emursion team. They will perhaps get their hair done as an afterthought. An old spring mattress base is located at the store entrance, a present from an old client that has swiftly become a community project of sorts. Slowly locals started bringing in garden clippings, and it is now morphed into an indoor green wall.

The friendly team are always up for a laugh

Au Naturale

Fiona likes everything to remain natural, raw and organic, with hair health a priority. The products are Australian made including ranges from Phillip Martin and Mr Smith to make sure you leave with shiny, glossy hair– no beanie required.

Cut to the chase

Cut and blow-dry will set you back $95, though it’s business as usual pricewise for any colour treatments. So take time out for your day to check into Emursion and chop off some dead weight. It’s almost a mini vacation.

Open Monday to Saturday from 9am.

Tessa Dempster

Hi, I'm Tessa. I've lived all over Western Australia getting to sample food, wine, local events and more. I'm merciless when it comes to a long black, love a glass or three of red wine, and can often be found showing off my eccentric but enthusiastic moves whenever there is music playing (shopping centres included). I now document my finds and antics for Perth Underground. Hit me up if you want me to come discover your business! I'd love to pop by for a chat.