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The doggy diet that will have your best friend eating healthier than you!

Emily Ace
April 7, 2017
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Pawsome Meals

In this day and age, we are so much more conscious of the food that goes into our bodies as we strive for healthier diets and lifestyles. So why should you give your best friend any less than the best?

Just like human food any processed meals, although convenient, are full of all kinds of nasty ingredients and are hardly giving your beloved pet the nutrition they need to be happy and healthy. So what’s the solution?

Dog lovers of Perth can rejoice, because Doggy Dinners are making it easier than ever to feed your fur babies properly, with home-made puppy meals delivered straight to your door (or workplace!) Whether your dog is fussy, sensitive to allergies, overweight or you just want a healthy and convenient alternative, your pup is sure to love these meals.

Doggy Dinners Perth

Ruff Times

This brilliant service all started because of one very special puppy- Archie. His dog obsessed owners (and Doggy Dinner creators) Abby Mcloughlin and Murray Paterson soon realised something wasn’t quite agreeing with Archie’s little body.

With bouts of diarrhoea, vomiting, sleepless nights and constant itching, the pair tried everything to find the cause of the problem. A trip to the vet saw Archie prescribed steroids to fix what was thought to be ‘environmental allergies’. But with little improvement, Abby and Murray had growing concern for Archie’s welfare, as extended amounts of time on steroids can be extremely damaging to dog’s livers. After keeping him home-bound in the hope of minimising his allergies to little effect, they decided to do some investigating of their own.

Dogs at Doggy Dinners
Hank (left) and Archie (right)

Puppy Approved

Abby began making Archie an array of meals and soon discovered that his problems were not environmental, but diet related after all. With a severe allergy to corn and grains discovered (to the point he is even sensitive to meat that has been grain fed!) Archie improved by leaps and bounds when these problematic ingredients were removed from his diet.

At first he was mainly eating meals consisting of meat and sweet potato, but Abby realised this wasn’t a balanced diet, and began seeking advice on how to prepare nutritious meals rich in minerals and fibre for dogs. Soon she had requests rolling in from friends to prepare these nutritious and delicious meals for their canines, and Doggy Dinners was born!

Founders of doggy dinners Perth

Happy Tummies

Following the American guidelines for preparing balanced pet food (from the AAFCO)- due to Australia's lack of- Doggy Dinners are full of everything your best friend needs; meat, veggies, carbs, vitamins, fibre and minerals.

These meals essentially follow the ‘paleo’ diet, as grains are not compatible with a carnivorous diet. Soon enough, your dog will be eating healthier than you!

Doggy Dinners Perth

Spoilt Fur Choice

With choices of fish, beef, kangaroo, chicken and lamb to be added soon, even the fussiest of pets can be catered for. The fish and kangaroo options are excellent choices for dog’s who have allergies as they are the least grain fed, while chicken and beef options keep even the fussiest of all the eaters (huskies!) content. These can be ordered in different combinations or on rotation to help give your dog some variety.

There are a variety of meal plans on offer; a dinner only plan starting as the most affordable option with a wet meal each night to combine with your own kibble, a wet and dry plan that combines a wet meal each night with the new hypoallergenic (and Australian made) Ivory Coat kibble, or an all wet plan with wet meals for breakfast and dinner- an easier to digest option for senior dogs, and dogs with sensitive tummies.

Founder's dog

Weight Watchers: Dog Edition

Abby and Murray can also tailor your dog’s meal to their specific dietary requirements if needed. They are especially good at portion control for the doggies who get a little too much love (read: overweight dogs). The team works out what portions your dog should be eating, and prepare a meal plan to slowly decrease their meal size until reaching the goal amount- which will then help them to lose those few unnecessary (and unhealthy) pounds.

So while you enjoy your Lite and Easy, your dog can too! And what’s better support and motivation than sharing your weight loss journey with your best furry friend?

Doggy Dinners Perth
Photo Courtesy of @doggydinners_perth

Perfect Paw-tions

All meals come individually portioned, vacuum sealed and will last up to two weeks fresh (or you can pop them in the freezer and reheat in a microwave or bowl of hot water). Deliveries are made on Sundays each week (or you can order more than a weeks’ worth at a time- it’s completely flexible) either to your home or workplace, all over the Perth metro area.

This also makes it extremely easy when your fur balls are being pet-sitted, and it can be arranged for your pets to get their favourite Doggy Dinners while staying at a kennel while you jet set away. While their main focus is on meals for dogs, they 'unofficially' prepare meals for the feline kind too.

Dinner for your dogs Perth
Photo Courtesy of @doggydinners_perth

Sure to Get Tongues (and Tails) Wagging

Abby and Murray take great pride in their business, and love having a strong connection with all of their customers- which makes delivery day longer than expected with all the chats and pats. They love hearing all about their little client’s happy tummies, improved health, and even their poos! Abby says it is important her customers feel comfortable enough to contact her at any time- "even if it's 3am!".

It’s really no surprise this little family owned business is quickly expanding- and almost at capacity in their current residential kitchen. They are now looking at hiring industrial kitchens to keep their business growing.

Founders of doggy dinners

Fetch The Details:

Catch Doggy Dinners at the Pet Expo on the 5th and 6th of November, and pick up some samples to put them to the test with your canine/s. You can also join them at the Bark For Life 2016 event on Sunday the 13th of November and show your support for cancer sufferers, survivors, victims and their animal carers helping them through an incredibly difficult time. Pull on some joggers and bring along your four legged friend to raise much needed funds to fight back against cancer. Find out more info here.

Owners of Doggy Dinners

For more info or to order your Doggy Dinners today, head to their WebsiteFacebookInstagram or contact them by phone or email.

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