Creativity with a Cause

Creativity that’s not only doing good things, but let’s you receive a whale in the mail!

Sam Bell
April 7, 2017
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Creativity that’s not only doing good things, but let’s you receive a whale in the mail!

Michelle Fleur has a flair for creativity and a curiosity for the creatures that belong to the big blue. Shocked to learn that the harmless humpback was reduced to a population of just 200 off Australia’s East Coast in the 1960’s, Michelle took an alternate approach to most.

Michelle Fleur Perth artist

Armed with her paintbrush, Michelle didn’t take to painting protest posters. Instead she used her creative flair to bring the ‘200 Whales’ project to life. For Michelle, the initiative is a way to illustrate how “concerted global efforts can lead to success in conservation effort” as the Humpback is now numerous along Australia’s coast.

200 Whales project

Her goal? To paint 200 whales throughout the duration of 2016. If you are one of Michelle’s 13K Instagram followers (If not, pause and follow her now!) you will have seen this project come to life. Whilst her project kick-started with the humble humpback, the 200 Whales project is filled with wright whales, orcas and whale sharks too! All of her intricate watercolour whales are enough to ignite a love for the ocean in those scared to let the sand touch their toes.

watercolour whales Michelle Fleur

Living in the coastal and vibrant town of Cottesloe, Michelle is never short of inspiration; I mean, who would be when whales can literally be seen from your balcony? Combine this with her ongoing love for learning and Michelle is the perfect person to collaborate with scientists and conservationists alike! She’s worked with the World Cetacean Alliance, Keiko conservation and been a part of an anti-captivity campaign for Kina; a false Killer whale living in captivity in Hawaii. Her work really is creativity with a cause!

Whale conservation Michelle Fleur artist

If you’re like me and were immediately ‘over-whale-med’ with Michelle’s creations, the good news is, you CAN receive a whale in the mail! Michelle has an online store filled to the brim with watercolour whale pillowcases, bags, notebooks and more. Oh and there’s equally impressive creations of other marine critters up for grabs too!

Michelle Fleur creative classes

Keen to pick up the paintbrush yourself? Michelle offers creative classes where you can paint your own marine mammals! It’s the perfect activity for a mid-week mind refresh or a great get together for you and some friends. Plus, you can pick Michelle’s brain and learn more about the beautiful creatures that call the ocean home.

200 Whales project Michelle Fleur

The end of the 200 Whales project won’t be the end of Michelle’s work. She hopes to continue exploring the critters of the deep, dark blue and use her work to “promote awareness about the fragility of our planet.”

Join her journey by visiting here shop, website, Instagram or Facebook.

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