Summer is here, and just as the weather in Perth is increasing, so are the lines to your local home improvement stores. With so many Australians undertaking home improvements this summer, we have put together some tips from local Perth experts to help.

Tiling a bathroom


According to a survey by ME Bank, Christmas is the time for home renovations. This 2019 survey of more than 1000 Australian homeowners found that a huge 64% were renovating their homes in the run up to the holidays!

The home improvement survey found that

  • 4% made small, miscellaneous improvements
  • 18% renovated a whole room
  • 25% refreshed the exterior of their home
  • 38% refreshed the interior of their home (with a new lick of paint)
  • 42% bought new furnishings
  • 52% updated their garden
  • 61% made little adjustments around the home for minor issues

Why Renovate At Christmas?

The biggest motivation behind making home improvements is preparing for Christmas guests - no homeowner wants guests to see their bathroom in a state of disrepair, or find themselves locked in a room due to a dodgy door handle.

However, there are other factors - with the Christmas holidays you may have more time off work, and perhaps even older children around the house to help you with smaller tasks.

Two Christmas elf toys looking cheeky

The Cost of Renovating At Christmas


In addition to the obvious costs associated with renovating your home, there is also the non-financial cost- that is, stress! With everything else that you are taking care of during this period - gifts, parties, lunch, photos - adding renovations on top of this can definitely add to your load.

That is why we want to help you! We have put together a couple of options to help you with your Perth Home Renovation. Whether you want to fix up your bathroom or polish that pool edge, these companies are friendly, reputable, and experts in their trade. Think of them as your Christmas elves!


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Perth Tradies


Perth Shower Repairs: Tradies with a Difference

When you have guests visiting for Christmas, there are a few rooms that they are guaranteed to visit - the entertaining or living space, the kitchen, and the bathroom. With this in mind your bathroom has to be ready for your guests come Christmas time. This is where Perth Shower Repairs can help you.

Despite their name, Perth Shower Repairs aren’t limited to only fixing showers. This local Perth tradie can help fix leaking shower heads, regrouting the tiles, even a full redo of your shower including removing and replacing tiles.

Whatever the issue, Perth Shower Repairs have the tools and skills to help you. With over 15 years of industry experience, they are experts in their field. When you choose Perth Shower Repairs, you are choosing a team which is both highly skilled and locally owned and operated. Here are some of the ways they can help you this summer:

  • Shower sealing, waterproofing and regrouting: When it comes to water, it is important to keep it in the intended areas. If your shower is not sealed correctly, it can develop leaks, which can lead to more serious issues and repair processes.

  • Leaking shower repairs: A leaky shower is not only an annoyance, it is also a danger. Leaks can lead to structural damage such as damp, mould, wallpaper blistering and tile cracks.

  • Tile repairs: Either to give your bathroom a decorative refresh, or to prevent water damage from cracked or damaged tiles. If water gets behind the walls or shower floor, this can lead to the weakening of tile adhesive. When this happens, you are at risk of significant structural damage.

The high-quality nature of their work is easily demonstrated through their strong and loyal customer base. They say that the best compliment is a referral - and they have been referred by their clients time and time again.

Another reason to choose to work with Perth Shower Repairs is that their help doesn’t end with you. They give back to local and international communities, and support organisations in helping others. They have even spent over a year in Lombok,  Indonesia, with half of the team offering onsite earthquake aid assistance with the Peduli Anak Foundation. Using their extensive building experience, they helped to oversee the rebuilding of the children's foundation, using innovative solutions to make the building earthquake resilient for the future.

So when you choose to work with Perth Shower Repairs, not only will you be getting a bathroom that you can be proud of, but also giving much needed assistance to those who need it most.

Perth Exposed Aggregate: Making Your Pool Summer Ready

Specialists in Pool Edges, Exposed Aggregate, and Polished Concrete in Perth

If your renovations are focused on fixing up your floors or pool edges, then Perth Exposed Aggregate offers all kinds of solutions for your concreting needs. These include:

  • Honed Concrete: A beautiful matte alternative for a concrete finish on your floor
  • Polished Concrete: Great for polished concrete floors - versatile, easy to maintain, resistant to scratches and stains
  • Pool Edges: Concrete pool surrounds and seamless pool edges creating outstanding pool areas
  • Exposed Aggregate: Stylish, hard-wearing and modern. Exposed aggregate does not sag or move like traditional pavers, and there will be no need to weed between gaps.

At Perth Exposed Aggregate, their work speaks for itself. They have a great reputation in Perth, and work with some of the best builders, designers, and landscape architects in Western Australia, in addition to working closely with Perth homeowners.

Working closely with you, Perth Exposed Aggregate creates what you want and need, ensuring that their design fits your vision. With their team, your work will be delivered to an incredible standard, on time, and on budget. Whether you want coloured concreting, a high quality concrete driveway, they can make your home modern, creative, and sophisticated.

Why should you update your pool surround? Well, an Australian Christmas is best spent around the pool - so make your pool look a million dollars with a beautiful pool edging. A beautiful painting is nothing without an equally beautiful frame, and the same goes for your pool and it’s edging. Enhance your home, beautify your pool area, and enjoy your Christmas in true Australian style for years to come.

Pool area with concrete surrounds

Contact these Perth Tradies today to renovate your home this summer.

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