Yagan Square celebrates Star Wars under the stars

An unmissable Perth event for Star Wars fans

Emily Ace
December 13, 2019

After five decades and 8 iconic films, the epic space saga following the rise and fall of the Jedi - which has spawned expanded universe lore across films, games, series and books while amassing a cult intergenerational following - will finally reach its conclusion.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is less than a week away (arriving in cinemas on December 19) tying together Disney's modern trilogy and ending the episodic Skywalker Saga nearly half a century since the legendary tale began.

Perth CBD will celebrate the final instalment of the saga from December 16 - 29 with a lighting spectacle at Yagan Square to pay homage to a beloved galaxy, far far away.

Each night from 8pm-8:15pm, the grounds of Yagan Square will light up and beam a collection of Lucasfilm content across its digital framework, while the film screens across the road at Palace Cinemas Raine Square.

Tickets are already available for purchase - find them here.

Never fear - the expanded Star Wars universe will long live on, with The Mandalorian released on the Disney+ streaming service just last month, around the same time it was announced a brand new trilogy is in the works featuring never before seen characters from a part of the galaxy previously unexplored in the franchise.

Emily Ace

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