As it dawns on that time of year again! The invitations sent, venues, catering and decorations all paid for - all that is left is to do is choose what to wear…That should be the easiest part, right? WRONG! Choosing the right outfit that compliments your figure and makes you feel a thousand dollars is a major struggle for most – I find it especially difficult to piece an outfit together that I have 110% liked. If you are anything like me, I’ve pictured the perfect outfit right down to the colour and accessories, but when things don’t go to plan and for whatever reason the outfit just doesn’t gel - panic sets in and my stress levels start to rise.


This seasons trend  

Hands up who follows each season’s latest trend? If I am being completely honest, I don’t. So, I have done a little research to see what we can expect from this year’s summer styles. According to ELLE magazine outfits and accessories this summer include; deconstructed shirts, wrap dresses, micro floral prints and bold drop earrings. We all have our own unique personalities, so why dress the same? When getting ready for this years’ Christmas function wear something that makes you stand out amongst the crowd for the right reasons.



Don’t be afraid to filter

I have a bad habit of standing in front of my wardrobe complaining I have nothing to wear, it won’t fit or just the fact I don’t like it anymore. As bad as this is, I have picked up a few tricks while contemplating for the millionth time about my previous style choices. FILTER, just filter through your clothes because as much as we say  “I have nothing to wear”, I can assure you there is at least one thing in the wardrobe you have all forgotten about.



Bring a browsing buddy

Bring your best mate and make a day of shopping, lunch and of course coffee!! A second opinion never hurt anyone. I hate going to the shops trying a dress on and thinking ohhh that looks AMAZING!! And then getting home and showing off my great purchase to only receive that dreaded look of … ‘what were you thinking Jess?!?’. At least by having another set of eyes whilst you are browsing and trying outfits will help you avoid that awkward mad dash to the shops to return that not so amazing item.


Fashion friends or foes

I can’t count the number of times I have been told I don’t have any fashion sense, and to be honest, this accusation doesn’t even bother me anymore., I have learnt being you is all that matters, as long as you are comfortable and feel amazing in what you are wearing why should anything else matter right?! If I could give you any tip when choosing the right outfit to wear this festive season… Wear it with a SMILE! Yes, I said it. SMILE. Because if you walk into your festive function with a great big smile because you feel confident in your outfit, then who the F- cares what everyone else thinks!



Stress Less

  1. Be prepared – have two or three options just in case on the day you don’t like the original choice
  2. Check the weather – you don’t want to be in a tight knitted dress in the peak of summer… you will be sweating before you even leave the house.
  3. Look out for loose fitted dresses, tops, or shirts. If you are the type of person to get bloated and let’s face it… after a big festive event who isn’t? Wear something that gives a little leeway so you feel wonderful throughout the whole event.
  4. Wear colours that complement your body and skin tone. For me I prefer outfits with navy’s, black, white or patterns.
  5. Most importantly enjoy your festive celebrations!!


From floral to pastels to strips or dots and anything in between, you should wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable! Take a step back and focus on complimenting your personal style this Christmas season!

Cover Image courtesy of Yahoo

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