Want to go on a Dolphin Island Adventure?

It might not be Venice, but it's Perth version of it. Oh, and they've got dolphins!

Tessa Dempster
October 1, 2017
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Just a short one hour drive or train ride south of Perth is the coastal town of Mandurah - heard of it? Most locals would have, but many don’t see the appeal to go for a visit. I mean why would you? It’s situated right on the coastline with beautiful canals running through most of the suburbs like a Perth version of Venice… Have I peaked your interest yet? If you’re stuck for summer activities to attend with your partner, friends or family, Mandurah is close enough for a day trip and removed enough from the CBD to feel like a city escape.
Sutton's Farm, Mandurah

Spend the day exploring the bay and canals in Mandurah Cruises new Dolphin Island Adventure. With its proximity to the water and huge estuary, Mandurah has a large number of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins that live in the area. The company offers a dolphin guarantee, so if you don’t see any dolphins you can book in for complimentary cruises until you see one.

It’s not just about the dolphins, the crew are passionate about the Mandurah area and give you lots of information about the local history and wildlife. From the southern channels out into the open ocean (watch your lunch doesn’t come back up), you are treated to a full loop of the Mandurah island area. Be sure to pack a jumper as the high-speed boat can get a little nippy.

Located in the popular harbour space, there are plenty of options for lunch afterwards or even an ice-cream. Afterall, two-hours of dolphin watching can work up quite the appetite!

Is it a shark? No it's just my mate Flipper.

The cruises leave every weekend at 11am and 2pm.

Thanks for having us Mandurah Cruises! 

Tessa Dempster

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