Troll Academy comes to Perth

Milo Yiannopoulos brings his polarising humour to WA.

Simon Fogliani
November 28, 2017
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Whether you hate him, love him, or really, really hate him, Milo Yiannopoulos's Troll Academy is about to make its way around Australia this December. Tickets for the Perth leg have been available since October, and it has now been confirmed to take place at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Center from 8:00 - 9:30pm on Saturday, December 2.

What to expect

Offensive is the keyword for Troll Academy. Above all, Milo is a provocateur; a fierce, politically incorrect advocate of freedom of speech, especially when opposed to popular opinion or ideology. The self-proclaimed World's Most Dangerous Faggot gained his popularity primarily through in-your-face shows and debates with feminists and racial activists across the United States, and is set to bring that sass down under.

"Troll Academy takes everything you know and love from the Dangerous Faggot campus tour, and cranks it up to 11." - Milo

The man enjoys making an audacious mockery of identity politics, and emphasises the importance of action over just beliefs. Through his iconoclastic shows, Milo has earned the titles of homophobe, anti-Semite, racist, sexist, and any other ‘anti’, ‘ist’ or ‘phobe’ you could think of. Yet despite these claims, Milo prides himself on being a gay Jewish man married to a black husband, with support for feminists Pamela Geller and Christina Hoff Sommers.

Milo promises a mix of highbrow political commentary and lowbrow humour for Troll Academy and, given his status as the target of the 2017 Berkeley riots, the potential for vocal outrage promises to make it all the sweeter for long-time followers.




The book

Alongside his tour, Milo also brings copies of his memoir, Dangerous, to Perth. Dangerous serves as an insight into Milo's right-wing political stances, influences and attitudes towards various controversial topics. It’s all written in the same fashion as his speeches - All the snark, cattiness and mean-spirited jokes one could expect in a condensed text format.  The very first sentence of the foreword says it all -"You didn't really think I was going anywhere, did you?"

The memoir has received severe backlash from booksellers across Australia for displaying anti-immigration, and anti-islamic sentiments, and currently faces restriction from a physical release. Troll Academy will be the only clear avenue to obtain it, shy of ordering online.


The when, where and how

The Perth Convention Center is a focal point of the Perth CBD, connected directly to both the Elizabeth Quay’ bus and train station. For people taking public transport, it’s as simple as getting off at there if you’re on the south side. Those coming from the Perth Busport, Station or Underground just have to walk down William Street. If you’re driving in, there’s around 1500 bays in the parking lot, so you won’t need to worry about finding a spot. The event starts at 8pm.

If you’re looking for tickets or more information on the Troll Academy tour, you can check the Troll Academy website, and keep an eye on Milo’s Facebook page, Instagram and Youtube channel for updates on the tour as it happens. The tour comes to Perth on December 2.

Simon Fogliani

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