The roam to Rome: Josh Pyke’s latest album and an exploration of embracing life

Josh Pyke dwells on the road he took to Rome, how the new album is a culmination of life and living and accepting it.

Alex Green
August 23, 2020

Josh Pyke releases Rome, his first record in five years, on the 28th of August.

Don’t mistake the hiatus for simply dawdling around the house, though Josh does confirm that plenty of that happened too. 

During the break, Josh Pyke was collaborating with other musicians, writing children’s books, being a mentor to up and coming musicians through the Josh Pyke Partnership, and continuing to be a doting father to his children.

“Rome is definitely more relaxed.” Josh explains. He took this time to let musical and lyrical inspiration come grace him throughout the day, and explore where it took him.

Alex Green

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