The Jungle Giants threw the dance party of the year at The Astor Theatre

The Brisbane four-piece sure know how to make a crowd dance.

The Perth leg of the Used To Be In Love Tour on Tuesday 24 April left concertgoers with no doubt that The Jungle Giants must regularly throw the best house parties in their hometown Brisbane. Throughout their set, frontman Sam Hales, lead guitarist Cesira Aitken, bassist Andrew Dooris and drummer Keelan Bijker struck the perfect balance between not having a care in the world and doing everything in their power to make sure fans had the best night of their lives.

triple j royalty

For the second last gig of their national sold out tour, The Jungle Giants kicked off the Tuesday night proceedings with ‘On Your Way Down’, just one of their four tracks that placed in triple j’s Hottest 100 and elevated them to the same tier as Kendrick Lamar. The crowd favourite instantly created an electric energy in the art deco theatre, a vibe that didn’t waver once as the four-piece performed the majority of their most recent record, Quiet Ferocity.

The electronica tendencies of their newest material translated perfectly into a live setting, meaning crowd favourites such as the titular track, ‘Bad Dream’ and ‘Used To Be In Love’ kept the crowd raving. The night culminated with ‘In The Garage’, five minutes of instrumental electronic-indie glory that doubled as the best jam session the Astor has seen in a while; Sam and Cesira even vacated the stage to let the ‘rhythm boys’ Andrew and Keelan shred to their hearts’ content.

A new level of audience participation

Throwback ‘I Am What You Want To Be’ saw Cesira throw caution to the wind with a good old fashioned crowd surf, which was later revealed to be just the second time Cesira has ever crowd surfed, both occasions happening in Perth. It must be something in the water, right?

After finishing their set with ‘Used To Be In Love’, The Jungle Giants appeased the roars of the crowd to perform an encore with the heartfelt ‘People Always Say’ and the infectious ‘Feel The Way I Do’. It’s safe to say that The Jungle Giants’ takeover of The Astor Theatre was a raging success, with equal parts entertainment and energy.

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Julianne de Souza

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