The French Film Festival returns to Perth

Prepare the cheese platters, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready for a whirlwind of cries and laughter - the French Film Festival is back in town.

The Alliance Française French Film Festival returns to Perth for the 29th year running this month, and according to Alliance Française de Perth’s Managing Director Audrey Hardy-Lureau, this year’s festival is set to deliver a cinematic feast of emotion, fun and laughter.  

Kicking off on March 14th with “C’est la vie!”, a hit comedy from the directorial team behind the box-office wonder “Intouchables”, this year’s festival line-up boasts a broad host of contemporary films, documentaries and a Parisian TV series featuring some of France’s leading cinematic talent.

With two weeks to go until the official launch, Hardy-Lureau has no concerns about the festival living up to French cinema’s reputation as ‘le septième art’  (that’s “the seventh art” for anyone who hasn’t mastered counting to 10 in french). With 250 screenings over the short space of three weeks, this year’s event is testament that contemporary French cinema is as popular and prolificas ever:


“Looking at 2017, it’s amazing what they have done. Still at this stage, we are seeing so many new, talented directors come through as well as the major ones” - Hardy-Lureau


And apparently, us Australians agree… even more so than our German counterparts. Not bad considering we don’t share a border with France!


“If you compare the number of people who are going to see French movies in Australia, it’s higher than in Germany” - Hardy-Lureau

Top picks from this year’s festival

As well as the staple “je ne sais quoi” that french films always capture, this year’s festival promises to deliver a little something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s a light-hearted comedy, a historic post-WW1 drama or a twisted and erotic story of deception and desire (go see “Double Lover” if we have you intrigued), you’re sure to find something that satisfies your cinematic craving.

In true French style, the festival won’t be short of its fair share of complex characters, comedic moments and plotlines that will make you simultaneously laugh and cry (make sure you take the tissues to “See You Up There”). For those of you struggling to pick from this year’s epic programme, here are a few films you won’t want to miss:


C’est la vie -  a feel-good comedy 

This French flick is about an event caterer and his disorganised team as they attempt to pull off their most momentous wedding party yet (expect plenty of hiccups along the way).



See You Up There: a historic drama 

Don't be fooled by the genre, this film does still has the signature French flair for the dramatic, and follows the post-war lives of two soldiers, one of whom has been severely disfigured in his final moments of warfare. Expect tears, surprises and laughter.


Aurore: a romantic comedy 

This pick follows the story of a middle-age woman who embarks on a journey of rediscovery after finding herself jobless and divorced at the age of 50.


BPM: an award winning drama

This film depicts the fight for social acceptance by people living with HIV during François Mitterand’s Government of the early 90’s.




The French Film Festival will be running in Perth from 14th March to 7th April. For a full listing of films and screening times, visit the festival website. And if the film festival alone isn’t enough of a French fix for you, make sure you check out the regular events hosted by the Alliance Française!

Meg Caswell

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