The Australian Dream: A powerful story about race, identity and belonging

The "must-see" documentary of our generation.

Ashwini Saseedaran
August 13, 2019

A remarkable documentary is hitting the big screen later this month, featuring the incredible story of Indigenous AFL legend Adam Goodes – and we’re sure it’s one for the record books from all the raving reviews it has already received from critics.

A must-see for AFL fans and Australians alike, The Australian Dream asks fundamental questions about discrimination in today’s society and how the racially vilifying events the celebrated player experienced during 2013-15’s AFL seasons sparked a national debate about racism.  

As a successful footballer and anti-racism advocate, Goodes’ tale of identity, race and belonging is of a cultural hero who embodies resilience and survival in the fight for equality and reconciliation.

BAFTA award-winning director Daniel Gordon and Walkley award-winning writer Stan Grant make a powerful team in the creation and delivery of this confronting and essential Australian story, imploring a conversation of uncomfortable truths and Australia’s national identity.

The highly anticipated film will be released on August 22 and thanks to Madman Entertainment, we have five in-season double passes to give away! Visit our Facebook or Instagram and follow the prompts to be in with a chance to win.

Ashwini Saseedaran

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