The 5 Stages of Last Minute Xmas Shopping in Perth

You've just realised you forgot to buy that special someone a gift for xmas. It's quite possible that this will become your journey.

Dylan Urquhart
February 25, 2017

Stage 1 - Realisation

You’ve noticed the ads in mid-November, you kept telling yourself to go next week, but it's now mid-December.

Bart Simpson Gasping

Stage 2 - Disbelief

You arrive at the shopping centre, on a Monday...and it’s packed.

parks rec good lord

Stage 3 - Anger

Well that settles it, nobody is getting anything this year. Christmas sucks.

Stage 4 - Remorse

Should have just stuck it out....maybe if I buy it online, will it arrive in time?

Stage 5 - Acceptance

I’ll just wait for the post-christmas sales. Everyone is getting IOU's.

Dylan Urquhart

Local Perth enthusiast, impromptu tour guide, small bar discoverer.