Looking for some mischief? This Fringe show is a must-see

Prepare to be teased and entertained at Tease Mania - Wild Burlesque!.

 Unfolding in The Ellington Jazz Club, Tease Mania - Wild Burlesque! makes for a night of debauchery, laughter, and a healthy dose of shock factor. Produced by showgirl Carletta The Great and Charlie D. Barkle, who doubles as the night’s MC, the show is inspired by the scandalous 1960s Los Angeles go-go scene.
The night begins with two go-go dancers, aptly named ‘The Beehives’, warming up the crowd with vigorous ’60s dance moves and oodles of charisma, followed by Charles D. Barkle belting out a heartfelt, retro rendition of Pink’s ‘Get This Party Started’.


What: Tease Mania - Wild Burlesque!
Who: Presented by The Great Debacle
Where: The Ellington Jazz Club
When: Saturday 3 Feb, 7pm


Expect the unexpected

Unashamedly unique, Tease Mania’s six acts range from traditional striptease - think feathered headdresses with all the tassels - to the outright weird. For example, Carletta The Great donning a larger-than-life vagina costume, purple wig and light-up sunglasses, before raving to an ’80s track for the entirety of one act.

This is mild compared to the following act, which sees Vesper White, clad in a onesie, smear a chocolate donut across her face, stuff the treats down her costume, and proceed to feed the remains to an audience member. By the time Charlie D. Barkle performs a duet with a larger-than-life puppet version of his penis, the crowd is howling with laughter.

Charlie D. Barkle is an asset to the show, keeping the mood playful between acts with his roguish sense of humour.


“Is everyone staying for the orgy after?”


At times, the intimacy of the Ellington Jazz Club hinders the proceedings more than it helps; a spotlight or more dramatic lighting would have a made a noticeable difference in creating a more pronounced sense of mystique.

However, there’s no denying that Tease Mania - Wild Burlesque! succeeds in its mission to titillate, entertain and shock-and-awe its audience. Whilst it may not be the most refined show you’ll see this season, it will definitely be one of the most memorable.


You can find Tease Mania - Wild Burlesque! at The Ellington Jazz Club until 17 February. Get your tickets here.

Julianne de Souza

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