The only after hours rabbit hole we want to fall down this summer.

fire act on stage kneeling

The award winning Reuben Kaye’s variety show The Kaye Hole is back to dish out more dirt this summer.

The show features the stunning host Reuben Kaye, who has been called ‘the evil love child of Liza Minneli and Jim Carey’. A variety act full of entertainment and surprises, the acts that followed were just as impressive as the host. We were delighted by standup comedians, a singer, gothic Boylesque strippers, three levitating aerialists and even a fire twirler!

This late night show featured near-naked bodies performing risque acts, that were then topped off by the host’s debauchery humour. This scandalous night featured filth, fun and gasps. Especially when the quick witted host made spontaneous comments about the audience in the front row.

Reuben Kaye straddling an audience member

We had a chance to ask Perth Singer Ofa Fotu about her thoughts on the exhilarating show:

Reuben Kaye is outstanding! He brings laughter and light to the darkest parts of the world and has his own brilliant witty twist on all of it. His cast share an amazing energy in their performance making it a great learning experience and a superb show.
Reuben Kaye on stage holding drink and microphone

At the Rechabite you get the choice between how close you want to be seated or standing to Reuben Kaye. But choose carefully, because Reuben enjoys interacting with the audience and he does not hold back.

From the extravagant costumes, to the near-death defying acts and adding in the hilarious and wildly provocative host, The Kaye Hole is definitely a raunchy night to remember.

The Kaye Hole

Thursday 10  to Sunday 14

10.15pm, 90 minutes

The Rechabite Hall Tickets from $25 ​

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