Places to avoid on a first date

Prevent the first date funk by avoiding these five disastrous ideas

Tessa Dempster
April 7, 2017
Let’s be honest, first dates are almost always stressful. Picking out what you’re going to wear, making sure you look effortlessly amazing, trying to remember what they look like... you know the usual stuff. Date numero uno is the stepping stone for a new relationship to blossom, stuff it up and you could have just blown it with a potential soulmate – no pressure. 
It’s all about location, location, location. Knock it out of the park with a top notch spot and the only thing you’re going to have to worry about is your own personality (you’re on your own there, sorry mate). Beware, if you pick a dud there may be no amount of sparkling wit that will resuscitate that date disaster. Set yourself up with a strong start with this breakdown of places to avoid. 

Movies aka "sitting in the dark next to a stranger"

Cinema date
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A night out at the Innaloo Cinema Complex is the perfect location if you don’t want to get to know your date AT ALL. Sitting next to a complete stranger trying to figure out if you both are compatible in the long term based on how they react to certain parts of the plot. On another note, it can very difficult to choose a movie you will both enjoy when you don’t know a thing about the other person. If you must go, avoid a horror movie, just don’t do it - unless you want to give your date the impression you’re a closet psychopath. I’d also avoid the dreaded romance genre because you’ll may end up awkwardly watching soft-core porn with a complete stranger while secretly picturing each other naked. We’re both uncomfortable. 

Netfilx and Chill aka "bang and bolt"

Netflix and chill
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If you are lucky enough to receive this gem of a romantic gesture, just know going in that it does not constitute a first date. Dating apps have massacred the simple art of asking someone out. Now it’s as easy as online shopping, finding something you like and placing your order. The only difference is whether the product or in this case person, will come or not. Pardon the pun.

Family events aka "commitment from day one" 

Meeting the family
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Meeting the family is a big step. This is something that should be avoided on the first date at all costs. If you haven’t even decided if you’re interested in your date yet, why would you introduce them to the family at a BBQ in Kings Park? Firstly, you run the risk of subjecting your poor plus one to an onslaught of questions from the rellies. Secondly, you’ll never hear the end of it. “Please tell me you gave Steven the flick he was weird.” Yes, yes he was – which you would have known if you’d met him elsewhere and avoided having to intervene when he started talking to your Aunt Mary about the magical healing powers of crystals.

Dinner dates aka "sexed up job interview"

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While this is the more traditional first date scenario, I think the practice may be a little archaic. Your sitting in a booth a Shadow Wine Bar, it’s very formal, you dressed nicely, there’s a back and forth of questions and at the end they say they’ll call you. Basically it’s a job interview with potential underlying sexual tension (well you hope).

Group Hang aka "are we together or not?"

Group hand Perth
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This type of date is for the “I’m not sure if I like you” situation. It sends mixed messages to both parties. Are we friends? Are we more than friends? Everyone else feels awkward because they know that you know that they know that you don’t know what the date status is. Like WTF. If you like them ask them out by themselves, it’s going to be a lot easier to work out if you are interested in them one-on-one, rather than trying to see how they behave around your friends after a few rounds at Little Creatures.

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