Early Sunday morning Jason Hadfield (19) put the final dollar into his bank account necessary to secure a deposit for his first artisanal beverage in Perth. 

“It was a lot of hard work but I’m finally ready to be disappointed” Hadfield said of the incredible feat.

Hadfield, a tourist photographer who specializes in removing Perth landmarks like the Bell Tower and Forest Chase cactus from the backgrounds of otherwise nice photos, has spent years putting money away for this moment.

Economist Stephen Henry says it’s an inspiring tale for all young people in WA who think that the best they could hope for in the beer market purchasing a well established brand with consistent quality.

“Jason is testament to the fact that young people are totally capable of saving up and buying an artisanal beer with a name that attempts and fails at being ironically bad.”

But many young west Australian’s are still having it tough, with some taking up to five years to save for a beverage that due to inflation could cost anywhere between double and “tentupple” (a word we had to makeup to mean 10 times more) interstate prices.

Even though the teenager has already done the impossible he says he already has plans to go one step further after paying off vegan inspired “Pale Ale Kale Fail”. 

“I want to be able to fill up my tank of petrol in one go,” the youth remarked.  With petrol prices looking to shoot up higher than Keith Richards even he admits it would be a real stretch.

 “I’d just be happy if, when I’m that age, my super is enough for an hour’s parking at the convention centre. Then I could die knowing I did well,” he concluded.


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