Perth men fall in love after brawl

Perth men conjoined at the rats tail after a brawl claim to have fallen in love

Colin Ebsworth
July 20, 2017

Two Perth men claim to have fallen in love after a fistfight in Northbridge led to their rats tails becoming intertwined, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Sean Raynor (21) and Ian “cheese nuts” Coppin (35) say the incident started around 11pm at night outside the Brass Monkey, a popular Perth venue according to

It was over an argument as to who’s idea of masculinity had been warped the most from lack of male role models at an early age that began the fist fight before their rats tails became knotted and untangle-able.

The Brass Monkey, Northbridge.

“I guess once we realized we couldn’t get away we sat down and began a dialogue and worked through what was bothering us,” Sean said of the altercation.

“You know I’ve assaulted a lot of people in my life but this is the first one that really filled that hole you know what I mean,?” Ian commented before realizing what he’d said as he began to laugh whilst feeding Sean Macaroons in a Nedlands Café.

Both men insist they aren’t gay but just really good friends who make love with each other both physically and spiritually.

“Nah we’re not gay” insists Sean “there’s just innate latent physical desires permeating through a lot of men that aren’t being explored because of negative stereotypes about what is and isn’t manly that results in a bottling of normal emotions and an expression of that frustration through  violent means” he added, king hitting an immigrant.

The two have even gone so far as to set a date to be married which will be on the second of whenever a Labor government with a backbone comes in.

If you have seen either of these individuals please call Crimestoppers.


Colin Ebsworth

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