Perth Craft Beer Festival

You'd be hopping mad to miss this.

Emily Ace
August 12, 2019
Arts & Events

Whether you are a committed craft beer lover, or are enjoying a dalliance with the amber nectar, WA’s largest beer festival will open your eyes to a whole new world of brews.

The Perth Craft Beer Festival returns to the Ice Cream Factory for 2019, with an incredible line up of over 55 craft breweries and cideries, entertainment and brand new attractions - including a winery, whiskey saloon and cocktail bar to wet the whistle of the non-beer drinkers (or the beer drinkers looking for a palate cleanser).  

Event organiser Chris Bausor said the festival would offer up an international taste journey, with fun times on tap. 

“The exciting element of our festival is it is really a hybrid between discovering new beers, not only that are brewed in WA, but all over the country and internationally, and just having a good time,” he said. 

“It’s not about the snobbery, or not liking a Swan Draught as well, it is beer for everyone.”

Kicking off with “Friday Frothies” on August 16, the festival will take place over four unique sessions, with a Family Fun Day on Saturday, a supercharged party atmosphere on Saturday evening and a laid back Sunday session (feat. fire pits). 

“In terms of the offering they are all the same, but Saturday night and Friday night we turn the speakers up a bit louder and it becomes a bit more of a party,” Chris said. 

“Sunday there will be a bit more room to move and we encourage Saturday during the day is the family day.

“Between 11am and 3pm it is always full of prams - just because you have a small child doesn't mean you don't deserve to taste good beer.”

Chris said the exhibitors range from large breweries right down to family owned and operated micro-breweries.

“Sometimes it is difficult over on the west coast to make some noise nationally, but through a few successful years, it is becoming easier and easier to sign-up the rock stars of the industry,” he said. 

“ It is something we are looking to improve year on year, and hopefully next year the amount of international options we will be bringing into the festival will be unrivaled in the country.” 

Click here for session times and tickets. 

Emily Ace

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