Imagine the luxury of curling up in a queen-sized bed, snuggled under blankets to settle in for a blockbuster film while you indulge on bottomless popcorn and dinner delivered straight to your bed. 

Heavenly, right? 

Imagine no more! For the first time in Perth, the legends at Mov’in Bed are bringing their game changing cinematic experience to Ozone Reserve. 

Take in the balmy spring and summer evenings under the stars from October 18 to December 8 with a snuggle buddy (or two) in ultimate comfort. 

If you are demanding to know why we had to wait so long for our lives to be blessed with this iconic event, the answer is simple: the whole thing is a logistical nightmare. 

Modern day hero and visionary Vincent Hernandez (aka. Mov’in Bed founder and director) said it took almost four years to get the outdoor cinema on its first national tour. 

“The idea with the beds is logistically an absolute nightmare, so it took us about two seasons to make it perfect,” he laughed. 

“The third one was really just to improve it and after the fourth one we thought ‘OK we are ready to take it around Australia’.

"So Perth is going to be the first city for us to kick off the national tour.”

Think of the 150 huge beds to inflate and then dismantle, as well as a pile of blankets to wash every evening and you are starting to get the picture. 

The first half of the 45-screening program has been released, with brand-spanking new titles like Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and IT Chapter Two thrown in the mix amongst classics like Pulp Fiction, Dirty Dancing and The Goonies. 

“It reflects very well what the cinema is about,” Vincent said.

“It is a mix of the latest blockbusters, old flicks that everyone loves to see, Japanese animation which is extremely popular - for example we have the Princess Mononoke movie which is something you don’t see very often - and a couple of horror movies.”

The event was born from Vincent’s love of outdoor cinema and a desire to stand out from the overcrowded market with a showstopping new concept. 

“As I love going to outdoor cinema, I went to one of them and I was lying on the floor and I had a backpack as a pillow,” he said.

“Overall, I was like ‘damn, it would be just so nice to be able to be in a comfy bed with a nice blanket and have the same experience.’

“One day I was just like ‘OK, lets create a bed cinema’ so we went for it.”

The reaction to the idea was immediate, with Vincent’s inbox going into overdrive with the amount of interest flooding in from around the world. 

“Everyone was amazed and the people in Australia loved it straight away,” he said. 

“Then it was about making it a better and better experience every time. 

“We introduced ‘Dine in Bed’ - I have two passions which is food and cinema and so it was about combining that. 

“Now you can really get your food delivered to your bed, you can have a nice dinner in bed and it is just a great experience before the beginning of the movie.

”Vincent was tight-lipped on some of the special screenings they have in store for us Perthians (all in good time), but promised a night of spooks for Halloween. 

I also really just need to emphasise the most amazing aspect of the whole experience, which is indeed the bottomless popcorn. SOUND THE ALARM, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. 

“If you get a bag of popcorn, you can come and eat as much as you want all night,” Vincent said. 

“We are bringing different kinds this year, we are doing homemade, fresh caramel popcorn and a truffle popcorn which is going to be awesome.”

If you prefer the traditional outdoor cinema experience, grass tickets are also available for the tiny price of $9 per head - BYO blanket. 

Whether you are after the perfect date-night or a more sociable version of your usual Friday night Netflix-and-chill, Mov’in Bed has something to please everyone. 

Check out the full program and score your tickets here


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