For fans of The Bachlelor, hearing that Locky Gilbert is in to adrenaline pumping outdoor activities may have you thinking, "how does he do that in Perth?". With the WA borders closed, heading overseas for an adventure holiday may be seen as a distant memory, but Locky isn't letting that get in is way. For Locky, he has spent the week skydiving in an indoor tube at the Belmont iFly facility.

This weekend, Perth will host the WA State Indoor Skydiving Championships, which foor the very first time, the event will be streamed live on the iFLY Perth Facebook page.

The indoor skydiving tunnel uses a specially designed wind tunnel to propel ÔÇśdiversÔÇÖ above the ground, for the closest sensation to a free fall without the need for a parachute or plane.


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