Local and healthy ways to kick start 2017

Perth’s athletes and food bloggers are here to help us make that New Year’s resolution a reality! Discover local and unique ways to get healthy in 2017!

Meg Caswell
April 7, 2017
Every New Year, thousands of people make the resolution to reach a healthier ideal. Maintaining a healthy body, however, requires commitment to the cause, something that dwindles for many (including myself) beyond the month of January. Rather than making the habitual, and perhaps overly optimistic, promise to stick to your own exercise routine in 2017, maybe it’s time to find new ways to stay healthy!
At Perth Underground, we’ve been speaking to some of Perth’s renowned athletes and food bloggers in a bid to discover new and local ways to get healthy this New Year.

1: Take up a new sport

Taking up a new sport is a great way to stay healthy whilst broadening your social circle. We’ve been speaking to WA triathlete Bianca Harding to hear more about her inspirational journey to becoming an internationally-competing triathlete.

Bianca Harding
Bianca competing in a triathlon

Bianca’s journey

Bianca Harding took up triathlon six years ago when her and her Mum decided to attend a six week beginner program to build up their knowledge of the three triathlon disciplines - swim, bike and run. Now, Bianca can’t get enough of the finish chute feeling, and has since competed in both sprint and Olympic distances. She has also conquered the full ironman and has even represented Australia at the World Championships in Canada.

Bianca organises her training schedule around work and her two sons, tailoring it to the races in which she is competing. Her training generally consists of a 7 days per week program, including 2 open water swims, 3 bike sessions, 3 runs and several strength sessions.

Bianca’s advice for beginners: 

Join a club to meet new people who have the same passion. Don’t rush into all the big races - enjoy the shorter ones, work your way up, and have fun with it! 

2: Start a new diet

If you’ve packed on the pounds over Christmas, changing your diet may be the way forward to a healthier 2017. The ketogenic diet defies conventional dietary discourse by focusing on foods which are high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Andy Mant, author of The Ketogenic Solution: Beating the Obesigenic Environment, tells us how the ketogenic lifestyle can help you target fat loss this January.

Ketogenic Diet

The basics of a ketogenic lifestyle

Ketogenic diets help target fat loss by switching your metabolism over from burning glucose to burning fat for fuel. To burn fat, however, you have to eat fat. The ketogenic lifestyle involves eating a lot of healthy fats including nuts, fish, red meat, eggs, dairy and moderate amounts of protein. This diet focuses on nutrient dense foods which are typically high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

The benefits 

As a lifestyle, you will not only lose lots of body fat on a ketogenic diet, but you will also improve your markers of heart disease, cancer, strokes and diabetes. Unfortunately, ketogenic diets go against the “grain” of conventional dietary wisdom as many people believe that fats are purely bad. In reality, the right fats are not only great for fat loss, but are also absolutely essential for sound metabolic health, longevity and survival.

To learn more about ketogenic diets, visit Andy’s website.

3: Change your diet

Whether you’re looking to combat allergies or change your diet for health reasons, cutting certain food groups out of your diet may be the key to a healthier you this New Year. For Dianne Hastie, founder of Zero Dairy Required, going dairy and processed-free provided the route towards a healthier, problem-free lifestyle.

Dianne Hastie
Dianne Hastie

Dianne’s story

After suffering from various food allergies and related medical issues, Dianne Hastie was informed by a doctor that she was suffering from allergy-related eczema, hives and anaphylactic shocks. Having pin-pointed dairy products as a major trigger, Dianne eliminated dairy from her diet for good, eventually making the decision to go dairy-free paleo (no processed foods, no wheat, no dairy, no legumes).

At this point in time, few places catered for paleo lifestyles, and Dianne was left to make everything herself. In doing so, she discovered she didn’t have to give up her love of food just because of her allergies, and she could in fact make equally tasty food without dairy. In a bid to share her discoveries, Dianne set about launching the Zero Dairy Required App so others could follow her dairy-free, paleo recipes.

Tips for zero dairy dieters

Preparing processed-free foods can be tough, but you just have to be a little more organised. Making things in bulk batches is always easier and less time-consuming. If you plan on buying everything organic, be sure to shop smart. If you see organic food on offer (e.g. cabbage), buy it and ferment it that day to help it keep for months. Also, be aware of the food that will remain fresher for longer.

4: Personal training

Motivating yourself to stick to a regular fitness schedule can be difficult. Introducing another person to your exercise routine, however, is a great way to increase your commitment to fitness. Ryan from Fitness Results explains how personal training sessions can help you get and remain in shape this New Year. 

Fitness Results Alfred Cove
Outdoor exercise at Fitness Results

Why PT?

PT sessions are designed to challenge clients both mentally and physically whilst also keeping the fun in fitness. There are a lot of positive benefits to personal training; PT sessions are fantastic for anyone who struggles to self-motivate themselves to push the limits, but are also great for those who are already in the groove as PT’s can keep them guessing at each and every session.

Fitness Results with a view 

At Fitness Results, we have a great mixture of personal trainers with a wealth of knowledge in sport and fitness. Our gym is located in one of the most beautiful spots Perth has to offer. Situated at Tompkins Park right by the swan river with amazing views and grass area surroundings, it’s tough to beat this venue for your workout.  

Meg Caswell

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