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Tessa Dempster
April 7, 2017
It’s all well and good on New Year’s Eve when you make those well intentioned resolutions: “I’m going to cut back on drinking, eat healthier, start exercising – be the me I’ve always wanted to be.” For most people these are empty words, but for those of you who are committed to the “new year, new me” philosophy, don’t let your sore body give your mind second thoughts.
Those first few weeks are tough! Muscle aches, early mornings and the little voice in your head that whispers – “maybe you should just have a rest today”… If you’ve been avoiding finding 30 for a while, pushing your body too much too soon can do more harm than good. This is where Pilates can help! It’s great on its own, or even better in conjunction with other exercise you may be doing. Pamela McCann, Founder of The Pilates Lab, explains why this form of fitness is great for your health and why it is so popular in Perth.
The Pilates Lab class
All Pilates movements can be tailored to suit your skill level

The Pilates Evolution

Over the past decade, the Pilates movement has boomed. Adapting to keep up with demand, Pilates has evolved from simple Matwork classes to the more cardio-based workouts we see today. The secret to its success may be due to its versatile class structure, as exercises are easily adjusted for any fitness level. Pilates allows you to improve your quality of life, strengthen the body and mind and gives you a controlled all-over body workout . Whilst myth would have it that Pilates is easy, Pam was quick to rectify this.

“It’s definitely not easy.  It takes some concentration and if you have the right mind to body connection while you move through each exercise, your going to feel it!”

You know that feeling you get when you walk past a Peter Alexander store? That warm, inviting feeling that washes over your body, brought on by the smell of vanilla scented candles – The Pilates Lab gives you that exact same one. Whilst you may not leave the studio out of breath or covered in sweat, Pam explained you are still able to go to Pilates class and feel like you've completed a really hard session. Since opening a second Lab in Scarborough, the team have definitely noticed a demand for the studio in the area with most Reformer classes being booked out completely! Don’t worry though, the Pilates Lab have a simple waiting list system in place, so if a class is booked out you can rest assured you’ll be next in line if someone can’t make it.

The Pilates Lab Scarborough Studio
The Pilates Lab's Scarborough studio

Getting to the core of things

Pilates works by both stretching and strengthening your muscles, in particular targeting the deep core.  While they may not be as well known as your biceps and triceps, these inner-lying muscles are still just as important when it comes to keeping strong! Pam explained how their classes at The Pilates Lab help with strengthening the core muscles, which aren’t just the abdominals, but all the smaller stabilising muscles too. The stabilising muscles are closer to your bones and by making these stronger; you are creating a support system for your whole body. This will help prevent injury, create balance within your posture and ease pain.

The Pilates Lab Perth reformer classes
Strengthen your core in a Reformer class

Mind to body connection

The main principle behind this form of workout being - mind to body connection. It is a lesson in body awareness, efficiency and control, making you more aware of your body in daily life. By becoming more conscious of how your body is feeling, Pilates helps encourage an increase in both physical and mental health.

Pilates has great overall benefits for your body. The Pilates Lab focus on helping you achieve mobility, strength, flexibility and overall balance in their classes. Pam points out how her team will teach you proper alignment, muscle activation and body control, which creates deep strength that will support you from the core out. 

“Pilates basically assists in everything else that you do.”
The Pilates Lab classes Perth
The Pilates Lab instructors will teach you proper alignment

Sit up straight!

It’s all about posture and alignment

Everyone’s posture is different and, depending on what you do for exercise, some of your muscles are likely to be imbalanced. Pilates is about correcting this by working on your individual differences to bring the body back to a balanced state, increasing flexibility and strengthening the imbalanced muscles. When you do other sports such as running or boxing, making sure all your muscles are working as they should be is really important. If you spend all day at a desk, a Reformer, Matwork, Boxilates, Yoga or Barre class at The Pilates Lab is an excellent way to get your body moving. It will make you more conscious of the way you are sitting, and amend that terrible slouching habit by strengthening any muscles that may have become weak from underuse (even when writing this I keep reminding myself NOT TO SLOUCH!).

Pamela McCann, founder of The Pilates Lab
Founder of The Pilates Lab Pamela McCann

The best way to start

Whether you are looking to help strengthen your core, increase your flexibility or just want to try out something a little different, Pilates is a great place to start. Book in a class at The Pilates Lab at either their North Fremantle or Scarborough studios today. With classes running in the morning, late afternoon and evening to cater for everyone’s busy schedule, this is the perfect place to bring your body back to a balanced state!

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