7 Insta-worthy places to visit in Perth this spring

Who cares if it’s cliche? These places make for stunning photos. 

Hermes Leung
September 14, 2017

No more winter blues. We know how tough it was, but spring is in the air! The magpies are swooping, the sun is shining, and most importantly, the beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere. We feel sorry for hay fever sufferers, but it’s time for us all to hit the road and kill it on Instagram with those beautiful spring photos.Keep reading if you are after some insta-worthy yet picturesque places across and around Perth.

1.  Raeburn Orchards, Roleystone

Rauburn Orchards

The lush red and burnt orange foliages are gone, but have been replaced by the equally stunning shades of pink and white. Get there early to avoid the crowd. You definitely won’t want any strangers to get into your shots with this one!

2. Bluff Knoll, Stirling Ranges National Park

If you're not a fan of heights, let's skip this place. Otherwise, be prepared to climb up high for one of the most breathtaking views in WA. A look down from the hill, and yes, Spring has sprung!

3. Secret Garden, Gwelup

Secret Garden - Gwelup

We won't be in doubt if someone says this is Alice In Wonderland. And yes, the dense vegetations and wild vines in the wetland make this place a little bit magical and beautiful. Walk a little deeper and see if there are any rabbit holes hiding around..

4. Araluen Botanic Garden, Roleystone

The Camellias, tea roses, and Tulips are all in bloom. Apart from garden and photography enthusiasts, this place also  welcomes the family to pop down for a picnic or barbecue during the weekends. Who doesn’t like a bit of family bonding!.

5. Canola Field, York

Canola Field - York

Let's jump into the car and head down to York for a 1.5 hour drive from the city. You will be amazed by the sea of eye-popping yellow canolas and leave this place with an “oh my gosh”!

6. Coalseam Conservation Park, Holmwood

Coalseam Conservation Park

Five hours drive away from the city in exchange for the picturesque scenery of everlastings,  Coalseam Conservation Park is worth a shot. The park is now completely carpeted in pink, white and yellow blooms. So, if I were you, I would put it on the bucket list straight away.

7. Kings Park, Perth CBD

Kings Park

Obviously, this spectacular botanic garden is always a  firm favourite with tourists and locals.From the eye-catching flowers to exotic plants and trees, make sure your camera has enough battery…. you have a lot to discover!

Hermes Leung

Hi there, I am Hermes. Relocating to a new place isn't always easy, but with great food, extraordinary places and lovely people in Perth, it definitely sweetens up the deal! I'm looking forward to exploring this beautiful city, meeting the locals and sharing their stories!