How to Survive Hot Dub Wine Machine

Heading to Hot Dub Wine Machine this Saturday? Don’t cook it early! Read our tips on how to get through the day.

Tom Doherty
August 6, 2017
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Surrounded by delicious wines and a seriously good lineup can be a real killer. Especially when Hot Dub Time Machine is headlining and sending us all back through the ages in a decade to decade music binge phenomenon. It is easy to feel scattered when checking your Snapchat whilst hearing the past fly past your ears. If you’re going this weekend here’s a little something to get you pumped! (and if you’re not, warning - Serious FOMO alert).

No One Likes Burnt Toast

Slip, slop, slap, people. Lather up in sunscreen before you leave your house and then take some extra with you, because I can tell you from experience bumping into people in a crowd while pinker than a lobster dyed in beetroot juice is never fun. Find shelter when you can and cover up, no this isn’t a post apocalyptic war zone however it will get about as hot as one.

Read Between the Vines

Take a breath for a moment and remember that you will be surrounded by one of Perth’s most beautiful exports, Wine. Take this as a chance to sample some of the great grapes we have growing around in this state. However if you are a fan of red wine, maybe don't wear white - spillage will happen.

Party Bus Must

If you were a muppet and did not purchase a bus ticket, this is a great time to book an energetic party bus. But be warned, it is very easy to think the party bus is the main course and lose it early. If you are the one slinging around a goonbag whilst manning  the stripper pole, chances are you are the same person who will be searching for the Red Rooster stand during the headline act.


Usually people say know your exits, in this situation I am saying know where your drink fountains are. Study the fastest and most efficient route to getting hydrated. Your Sunday morning wake up will be a hundred times worse if you don’t follow this point.

Don’t Lose Your Voice on Chameleon

PNAU’s new hit is sure to destroy some people’s vocal chords before Hot Dub even gets on the stage. Be sure to pace your vocal exhaustion, even though you only know three words from the song Chameleon, refrain from screaming all noises you can during this tune. Especially when you consider how many sing-alongs Hot Dub usually drops, then your voice will be in for a workout.


There you have it, some very important tip from us on how to enjoy yourself not destroy yourself this weekend! Remember to drink wise and stay safe in the sun. Look after one another and don’t forget you are out in the Swan Valley so getting home is important. DO NOT MISS THE BUS! It is a long walk home. Check the website if you want any information about timetables.
Tom Doherty

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