Here’s an exercise tip that packs a punch

A few rounds of this and you’ll be fit in no time.

Tessa Dempster
April 7, 2017
Tired of hitting the gym and not seeing the results you want at the rate you would like? Here’s the fitness tip that will see you get the body you have always wanted through high intensity cardio! Simply throw on a pair of gloves and punch the crap out of a sack. Well not entirely - there’s a tad more to it than that. Lacey’s Boxing Gym owner and trainer Justin Lacey explains the benefits of boxing for fitness, and how it helps foster endurance, discipline and control. Here’s why you should add it to your weekly exercise routine.
“It’s one of the most all-round ways of achieving some fitness goals, getting some results and having a bit of fun at the same time.” – Justin Lacey
Justin Lacey - Lacey's Gym Perth
Owner and trainer Justin Lacey (middle) joining in on a class

From Pro-Athlete to Pro-Trainer

If you follow boxing, you may recognise Justin from his time on the amateur boxing circuit, as he has represented Australia at international competitions. After suffering not one but two retinal injuries, Justin had to say goodbye to his Olympic dreams and was facing a future without boxing. As fate would have it, a colleague was soon set to compete against an opponent Justin had previously faced and defeated. Naturally, Justin offered to help him train for the fight and in doing so found a way back into the sport he loved. Now the proud owner of two boxing gyms in Perth’s northern suburbs, Currambine and a newly open Scarborough facility, Justin believes he can help young athletes reach even higher goals than he did. The gym is available to everyone, with open classes where aspiring professional boxers, teens and everyday exercisers all train in one group (with workouts adjusted accordingly). The reason why? Justin believes being around people who have achieved similar goals are inspiring to train along side and help to encourage individuals to push themselves, creating the supportive culture people come to expect in a Lacey’s facility.

Lacey's boxing gym Scarborough
Class is in session at Lacey's boxing gym Scarborough

Drop the dress size

Due to the nature of the workout, boxing is an extremely effective exercise choice for weight loss. As the classes involve High Intensity Interval Training, it burns calories fast, so don’t expect to leave the class without breaking a serious sweat! Justin prides his gym on creating a great team environment - no matter what your age or fitness level, everyone encourages each other to get through each workout. There are kids as young as four to adults as old as 75 training at Lacey’s Boxing Gym each at their own pace, with staff and fellow classmates encouraging you to hit those PB’s each and every time!

Trying to tell someone to go run 100m sprints every day is monotonous. To come to a boxing gym, learn a little bit, before you know it you’re getting fit.
Lacey's Boxing gym Perth class
Ladies packing a punch mid class

Build coordination and confidence

If you find yourself unable to keep time and would be categorised as a “klutz”, boxing may be the remedy you’ve been waiting for as it helps you focus on hitting those targets (literally). Aiming your left and right hooks at boxing bags can be daunting, but it’s also great for concentration. Donning on a pair of gloves not only teaches you how to box correctly, but also builds self-confidence. Justin explained how his classes help people to learn how to defend themselves - whether it’s blocking or simply knowing how to handle yourself in a fight, Justin helps build confidence in his trainees, especially when it comes to kids. Justin said one of his passions was working with youths, helping them to find direction, set goals and build confidence both in and out of the ring.

“Pretty much what it is with young kids, is built up energy and then they use it in the wrong ways, make bad decisions, but you put them on a pathway in the right direction and kids in sports keeps kids from court.”
Lacey's boxing gym Perth studio
Lacey's Boxing Gym: Scarborough

Ready to get in the ring?

If you want to get fit, learn how to box and have a lot of fun in the process, book in with Lacey’s Boxing Gym, the team offer a free trial for first timers. Justin or one of his skilled trainers will have you swinging left and right hooks in no-time. With a gym in Currambine and a new facility recently opened in Scarborough, Lacey’s Boxing Gym is swiftly becoming the go-to for boxing. Whether it’s for fitness or for sport, Justin and the crew will get you gloved up and ready for a few rounds in no time!

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