Get Snap Saavy: Five annoying things people do on Snapchat

There's a fine line between sharing and oversharing. Learn how not to cross it.

Tessa Dempster
October 20, 2017
From humble beginnings, the once small time idea of two average college students has now grown into a global phenomenon. Capitalising on the selfie epidemic, the boys created a simple, yet powerful app that has generated a new stage of birthday humiliation, opened up a new level of intimacy and created the ability for instant sharing (cough… send nudes). While I do love a good “thumbing snappy”, there are some users who abuse this privilege. Here are five faux pas’ people make on Snapchat.

Term: Snap-ocide

When a person sends so many Snapchats on a daily basis you have had to block them. You people know who you are. I don’t need to see an hourly account of your day. Sorry, you’re just not that interesting.

Snapchat problems
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Term: Snap-tastrophy

Words cannot describe that sick feeling deep in the pit of your stomach when you’ve made this big snap mistake. Instead I’ve created a photo story.

When you realise it has sent to the wrong person


Frustration at yourself


 When you see the snapchat has been opened


 Running away from your problems


Term: Snap-N-Skip

While you may think your morning coffee looks amazing, what was the thought process in feeling the need to send the picture to other people? Amazing you’re getting caffeinated, I don’t know how I would have gone about my day without that knowledge. I’m so grateful the app now allows you to skip!



Term: Shots-and-snap

Drunken Snapchats are hit and miss. Some are filled with hilariously funny videos of your friends that you can use as blackmail in the future. However, waking up in the morning to 106 seconds of snaps of you in a club where it’s too dark to see, hear or make out what is going on – just no.

Snapchat overload
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Term: Sexed-up-snaps

These are the Snaps where you have taken the time to get the perfect lighting, filter, and your lips are pouted just so you look damn-right-fuckable. I’m talking about the selfies you send to make your ex feel jealous, or grab the attention of the person you like. These do not need to go to your entire contact list! Just send them to the people you’re trying to impress and save the rest of us 10 seconds.

Selfie meme
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