Get a dose of hometown humour with a Flying Camel

Join Perth’s comedians for a night of sidesplitting standup

Meg Caswell
August 6, 2017
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Whilst Perth isn’t short of standup comedians, it’s definitely lacking in one thing -  a stage for local comics to deliver the laughs. This is what inspired Jimmy Kuratz and Zhygi Shimkus to launch the appropriately (or rather inappropriately) named Flying Camel Open Mic Comedy back in April. For those of you who don’t know (as was the case with me), Flying Camel is the name given to an elaborate, and downright weird, sex position. Or, as Zhygi points out, a graceful figure skating position - thanks for the more elegant visual!
“If you want to get good at comedy, you’ve got to get up on-stage....and fear is a great motivator!” - Jimmy
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Flying Camel Comedy is all about giving seasoned, amateur and virgin comedians a platform to test out their best material, all for the viewing pleasure of their local audience. But don’t worry - these comedians definitely deliver. From ginger jokes to awkward sex stories and downright hilarious gags, Flying Camel Comedy has a little bit of everything. In fact, the open mic night has so far proved a hit with Perth locals. Since their first show, Alfred the flying camel has made his way into four venues, with more to be added to the mix in the very near future.

    • First Monday of the month: The Court

    • Second Tuesday of the month: Newport Hotel

    • Third Wednesday of the month: Bassendean Hotel

    • Fourth Thursday of the month: Universal Bar

More laughs in the pipeline

As they expand into more venues and build themselves a local following, Flying Camel Comedy will be adding more shows to their comedic repertoire. In the meantime, if you’re after a laugh and a cheap night out (something you don’t often get in Perth), we’d definitely recommend getting down to one of their open mic nights. If you fancy yourself as a jokester yourself, you could even try out some of your own material.

Flying Camel open mic comedy
Meg Caswell

Hi everyone, my name’s Meg! Having fallen in love with Perth over the past few years, I finally decided to relocate here from the UK in early 2016. Although I love Perth for its obvious beauty and vibrancy, it’s the city’s unique and hidden treasures that really attracted me to the West Australian way of life. I now live here as a full-time flat white lover and brunch enthusiast, dedicated to discovering Perth’s hidden business heroes.