Fringe World 2020 review: Best of British

Short, sharp and sweet, the hour of comedy power brings together four top-class international comedians.

Opening the Fringe 2020 program can be daunting and overwhelming task. With so much talent bouncing around Perth for the cultural bonanza synonymous with the annual celebration - it’s hard to decide where exactly to invest your time. 

If a dose of laughter is high on your agenda, The Best of British is right on target. Running every night until the 14th of February (hello Valentine’s Day plans) the quadruple-threat line-up is sure to tickle your funny bone.

Short, sharp and sweet, the hour of comedy power brings together four top-class international comedians as they attempt to one-up each other and draw the favour of the crowd; leaving us all winners in the Fringe program lottery. 

Eddy Brimston had the crowd on-side immediately, with his musings about the sexual exploits of pandas and rabbits (and which species is more appealing) and his personal recount of the ageing process - more specifically the road to sharting yourself in the bathtub. 

Eddy Brimston

Irish Comedian (in a British Comedy special - scandal!) Chris Kent bought the room to its knees in fits of laughter with easily the most hilarious story about jam ever told. Yes, that’s right. JAM. You have to be there (you can be).  

Chris Kent

Comedy legend Bob Franklin changed the pace with a witty, desert dry set lamenting about his life's peaks and disappointments - mostly revolving around the great aussie Tic Toc biscuit. Every punch-line is delivered with a devious glint in his eye and wicked smile, curated from a lifetime of owning the stage.  

Bob Franklin

Live at the Apollo and Melbourne International Comedy Fest Gala alum Larry Dean took it home with a high-energy performance complete with an impressive array of accents. Placing himself and his hometown of Scotland at the brunt of all of his punchlines, his set was a hilarious glimpse into his life; from misadventures in dubai airport to his sexcapades as the bread - not the toaster.

Larry Dean

Held together by comedic genius and MC Dan WIllis, you’d better snap up your tickets to The Best of British while it’s still in town! 

Emily Ace

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