Film festival a Revelation for Perth

One of our favourite events is back for its 22nd year and we’re convinced it’s just the pick-me-up Perth needs during this dreary season.

Ashwini Saseedaran
June 16, 2019
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It’s that time of the year again! Pelting rain, heavy traffic and woeful groans longing for summer are taking over our everyday conversations as we once again hit gloomy winter.

But fear not, folks! We’ve recently heard one of our favourite events is back for its 22nd year and we’re convinced it’s just the pick-me-up Perth needs during this dreary season.

Enter: The highly anticipated Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

All the Gods in the Sky

The annual showcase is finally returning again next month - and what better to shoo away the winter blues than to settle into comfy cinema seats and enjoy incredible films from all around the world.

From July 4 to 17 2019, the people of Perth can find themselves exploring stories in Belgium, Canada, France, Mexico, Uruguay and Japan, with 144 worldwide films, 18 international premieres and of course, our own backyard with 60 Australian premieres.

This year’s line up features a diverse range of flicks set to impress the young and the old, the arty and the airy and everyone in between – think quirky independent stories, inspiring genre films and breathtaking screenplays!

Andromeda Strain

Revelation has been transporting our little city of Perth to international screens since 1997, so it’s no surprise the hugely popular annual screen culture event is acclaimed as Western Australia’s leading international film festival.

This year you can expect to be blown away by:

  • A celebration of sci-fi classics such as The Quiet Earth, Things to Come, The Andromeda Strain and Alien
  • FREE screenings of family-friendly animated goodies at the International Family Animation Explosion
  • A magical exploration of music videos by local filmmakers at Blind Date
  • A host of inspiring guests at a dedicated panel and workshop event: Industrial Revelations
  • and of course, Get Your Shorts On! Screenwest’s highly anticipated annual showcase of emerging WA filmmakers!

And if that isn’t enough to whet your cultural appetite and beat away those wintry hibernation tendencies, then surely the debut of XR:WA will satisfy your longing for engaging entertainment.

XR:WA is all about immersive experiences and getting audiences involved – from virtual reality journeys and live gameplays, to actual playable games, unique screenings and even 360-degree films! There is definitely something for everyone.

Festival director and founder Richard Sowada said exploring new and emerging spaces was at the creative and organisational heart of Revelation.

“With the addition of XR:WA to the film program, we have the opportunity to bring VR, AR and games to local audiences in a way that is unique to Australia in a festival context.

“It is a truly innovative program structured around ideas of possibility and opportunity."

Excited to escape the chilly weather and indulge in foreign films?

Get your tickets now from the event website or at Luna Palace Cinemas.

Visit XR:WA for more information.

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