Donation-based yoga classes

Exercise in one of Perth’s most beautiful settings without the burden of an expensive gym membership! 

Meg Caswell
April 7, 2017

Ever dreamt about exercising in one of Perth’s most beautiful settings without the burden of an expensive gym membership? Dreams do come true...

After travelling the world sampling different forms of yoga, Warwick Lugton set up Light of Gratitude Yoga in a bid to share his passion and discoveries with Perth locals. His aim was to make yoga accessible to all, not just to the most flexible and balanced amongst us! Light of Gratitude yoga classes are designed to help you build physical and mental strength through science-based techniques that increase mindfulness, flexibility, balance and range of movement. Whilst Waz’s different classes focus on three key areas (front of body, back of body, and twist work), you don’t need to worry about getting bored of the same class over and over again, as he always keeps things fresh and exciting by never repeating the same session twice! Oh, and did I mention how good the view is…

Donation-based yoga Cottosloe Civic Centre Gardens Perth

Who can attend? Anyone. Light of Gratitude classes are open to all, regardless of age and ability. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced yogi, all poses can be adjusted to suit different levels. So no need to worry about physical fitness.

Where? Waz’s Classes are set in one of Perth’s most beautiful local parks - the Cottesloe Civic Centre Gardens. This really is yoga with a view!

When? Light of Gratitude yoga classes currently run every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 - 7.30 pm and every Wednesday from 6.30am - 8am, but be on the lookout for more classes in future.

How much? Waz’s mission is to make yoga as accessible as possible, so all his classes are donation-based. All you need to bring along is yourself and a mat.

"Light of gratitude, that light, is happiness and it comes from being grateful for what you already have"

Check out Light of Gratitude Yoga on Facebook for more info about Waz's classes.

Meg Caswell

Hi everyone, my name’s Meg! Having fallen in love with Perth over the past few years, I finally decided to relocate here from the UK in early 2016. Although I love Perth for its obvious beauty and vibrancy, it’s the city’s unique and hidden treasures that really attracted me to the West Australian way of life. I now live here as a full-time flat white lover and brunch enthusiast, dedicated to discovering Perth’s hidden business heroes.