Disrupted Festival of Ideas

Can truth be subjective? Manipulated? Changed by opinion? And will it really set you free?

Brunch plans this weekend? Well, we challenge you to disrupt the norm by swapping that coffee and smashed avo pick-me-up for a few hours at the State Library of Western Australia, boosting your knowledge about all things TRUTH!

The library’s Disrupted Festival of Ideas is back for its 6th year this Saturday and Sunday, exploring ‘The Truth’ and every important question we should be wondering in today’s social media saturated world - Can truth be subjective? Manipulated? Changed by opinion? And will it really set you free?

There’s a whole host of intriguing events planned, from keynote speakers encouraging a fight against truth distortion, to panels and conversations discovering the fascinating history of lies, and interactive workshops and activities sharing truths about misinformation and cultural destruction.

The impressive line-up includes talks from notable national presenters such as former WA Premier Geoff Gallop, award-winning journalist and author Leigh Sales, recognised world leader for Aboriginal mental health Adjunct Professor Tracy Westerman, and Channel Ten presenter Narelda Jacobs.

Aiming to encourage change, provoke ideas and inspire conversation, a variety of topics will also be open for discussion such as ‘The Place for Truth in Our Court System’, ‘Navigating Away from Truth Decay’, and ‘How Reliable is Our Memory’.

Expertly organised during a critical time of unregulated online usage on digital platforms and a resulting decline in communal solidarity, the festival is geared to help attendees better understand the brain, harness truth and identify fake news.

‍A timely event backed by scientists, journalists, writers and professionals, we’re certain this year’s Disrupted Festival of Ideas is going to be a catalyst for change for all who attend and participate in the powerful program.

Best of all, every event is FREE and with a live streaming option allowing audiences to tune in online, so there is no excuse to miss this year’s festival.

Head to the website for more information and join the conversation at #DisruptedFestival.  

Ashwini Saseedaran

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