For many, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused us to pivot in how we do things. But for many, it signalled the end of life as we knew it. The arts sector is one that has been majorly affected by the lockdowns and restrictions, with many venues and nightlife spots closed down since April 2020.

Enter Jägermeister. The beloved nightclub drink has decided to release a special edition bottle that will support the nightlife communities across the globe that they have intertwined with for the past few decades.

For many who decide to dance in their home-made rave cave, or watch live-streamed concerts in their living room, the #Savethenight Jägermeister bottle is one sure-fire way to show your support for the nightlife industry during these unprecendented times.

The launch of the desirable bottle is backed with the commitment of Mast-Jägermeister to provide additional 1 million Euro to the markets that make the bottle available. The money will be used to help artists, creatives, bartenders or club-owners who are facing never before-seen hard times and are struggling to make a living.

Gunar Splanemann, Head of Global Innovation & Design at Jägermeister explains: “With this unique initiative, we want to emphasize the importance of stepping in and helping. Global nightlife is truly under severe threat. We offer our fans a bottle they hopefully love with our approach to solidarity, which I am sure they share. This exceptional project symbolises the spirit, the strong cohesion and the high devotion the global nightlife community stands for and that Jägermeister has been an integral part of for decades.”

You can find the limited edition Jägermeister bottles at your local bottle shop.

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