Bachelorette Recap: What we thought, what you thought.

It's that time of year again, where we watch a gorgeous single woman simultaneously date multiple eligible bachelors at once. YAS PLEASE.

Tessa Dempster
October 12, 2017
As soon as Sophie Monk was announced as this season’s Bachelorette we were all rolling our eyes and rhetorically asking the channel TEN producers - “WHYYYYYYY??”. In the wake of put-together princesses Sam Frost and Georgia Love, Monk is a little (a lot) rougher around the edges, known for her vulgarity and bogan nature. How are we supposed to buy the dream of fantasy love when all we can picture is Monk cracking jokes with the boys over a carton of red cans? 

But alas, we all tuned in anyways for what was expected to be a trainwreck, but I was left pleasantly surprised. Not only was Monk hilarious and down to earth but she was looking down right stunning because nothing screams “I’m a classy girl looking for love” more than a high-neck, baby pink dress. Now, my enjoyment of the pilot may have had something to do with the absolute snooze-fest that was Matty J’s journey to true love with Laura. I mean, a blind grandma with no access to TV could have predicted that ending.

And now, the part we have all been eagerly gripping our glasses of wine over - THE MEN. There was quite an eclectic mix in this bunch, from soft spoken, to outgoing….and then there was Ryan. I’m sure Monk’s decision to keep him around for a second ep must have been purely for ratings or the fact that no one had any idea who the other two guys were. Shortly followed by Ryan would be Blake. Perth's home-grown Entrepreneur with all the trimmings, that blue steel catwalk scene was ultimate cringe. Now, while I find Sam’s charisma charming, can we please take a second to talk about what the f- was going on with his hair?? It looked like a hairstyle teenage girls used to do in the early 00’s, the combover and slick - let’s not. The other standout performance was by Apollo the Magician, who has used sorcery to make himself appear much more mature than his 24 years. Then there was Luke, the man who made many of us weak at the knees (maybe that’s the rosé), and gave us flashbacks to Survivor contestant Lee… either way - it’s a yes from me.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some winning tweets from last night.

The awkwardness of Jordan saying "no-one cheated"

One way to win the girl of your dreams - do none of this

When there is too much male sensitivity happening for the first episode

We've all met a "Ryan" at some point

This one needs no introduction, but definitely some lyrical lessons

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