It’s classic Liam Neeson. Action-thriller The Commuter is exactly what you would expect from the actor. It’s Non-Stop meets Taken, but this time Neeson is in a race against time on a train. The writers have even thrown in the token “I will find you and..” line in it that will have every Neeson fan finishing it with the well-known “I will kill you”. #tokentaken

On this occasion, Neeson plays an everyday commuter who has been catching the same train for the better part of a decade. He knows the train operators and regular passengers, often engaging in pleasant and friendly conversation with many of them on his daily commute. For any Perth public transport frequenter, this may seem very unnatural. Though as the movie progresses, it becomes clear that if he had stuck to the head down phone up approach most commuters adopt, he would have avoided a whole lot of trouble.

Approached by an attractive middle-aged woman and given a “hypothetical” proposition, Neeson finds himself in a time-sensitive predicament, and is left to not only find the mysterious person who doesn’t belong, but also to save his family. It’s a good thing Neeson isn’t just a regular life insurance salesman, but also an ex-cop - quite the career change.

This film is a popcorn crunching, action-packed adventure that will have you sitting tensely in your seat for most of the movie. As usual, Neeson seems to be immune to numerous kicks to body, something that is impressive given he is supposed to be 60-years old. It’s hard to watch an old man be beaten up, even if he is an action hero.

Pushing 65, it’s unclear how many more action roles our beloved Neeson still has left in him, so best get in quick while they last.

In cinemas from 18 January 2018


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