A kaleidoscope of colour to hit the Perth Fashion Festival

"The collection of pieces that will be on the runway are things that may not have been seen in Perth before"

Emily Ace
September 10, 2019
Arts & Events

Perth’s flourishing design talents will mesmerise audiences with their innovation, silhouettes and world-class craftsmanship at the Perth Fashion Festival’s Generation Next runway on September 12. 

Distorted shapes, digital prints, soft romanticism and sporty textures are just some of the design elements which will be explored, as our burgeoning local couturiers dare to push the boundaries. 

The effervescent Kate Hannah will stamp her unmistakable P’JUNK brand across the Generation Next runway, having recently returned from LA Fashion Week with her kaleidoscope collection of artisanal pieces. 

“LA was really exciting - I just found it really good to be able to showcase sustainable, ethical fashion and also just represent WA and Perth, show them that we are an amazing, creative state over here and what we have to offer,” Kate said. 

With a strong focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing, P’JUNK  incorporates recycled textiles, delicate hand-worked details and bursts of print and colour.

Picture: Liana Grigoryan Photography

Unlike traditional designers, Kate’s body of work evolves and expands, rather than being broken down into separate collections.

“I treat it as a continuous practice,” she said, “with each new piece I make, it is sort of adding and changing different elements, so the collection of pieces that will be on the runway are things that may not have been seen in Perth before.”

“A couple of the pieces are the ones that have been in LA and are off that runway.

“I do have a few new things I have been experimenting with, lots of colour, texture and of course, heaps of repurposed, recycled textiles.”

The colourful artist hopes her label’s ethos encourages others to work with what they have when it comes time for a wardrobe change.

“You don’t need to buy new stuff all the time,” she said.

“You have so much in your wardrobe that has potential - you don’t even need to be a sewing expert! 

“It could be as simple as changing the buttons or using fabric paint or bleach - you can really make something fun and unique.”

Picture: Carlos Vaz

Kate is one of nine designers to show off their wares, including Neil Sheriff, with his latest designs from HoodedWept in his signature Eurasian avant-garde style and Noranda based designer Monique Parr, with a medley of designs from her relaunched brand En Point.

“It is really good to be showing alongside Neil Sheriff, who is just an absolute icon in our local industry and has a lot of experience. It’s great to be able to earn from people like him,” Kate said.

“Just be prepared for a really awesome overall show with a lot of different aesthetics. 

“All of the other designers that are showing have really amazing work and it is all really different. 

“If you are wanting to go to a show that blends a lot of different looks and sort of has a bit of something for everyone, it is a really good one to go to.”

Get your tickets here, and support local! You can keep up with Kate's design on her Instagram.

Discover the full festival event program here.

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