Five food festivals not to miss this Spring

And the diet starts... NEVER! Sorry Summer bod.

Ahhh food festivals, how we love you! Think about perfectly grilled salmon, succulent roasted beef, washed down with top-notch beer and wines from around town -, who cares about calories! Bibs on, bellies at the ready, we've compiled a list of not-to-be-missed festivals for you to chow down on.


When: 21st Oct (18+), 22nd Oct

Where: Elmar's in the Valley, Henley Brook

You'll find yourself standing in front of stalls filled with sausages and authentic German foods hoping you pronounce the names right while you party all day long aided by the massive amount of beers, ciders, and wines on offer. You'll dress and dance like the Germans day, or even speak like a German (Prost!), and you know what, life is too short to not party on the weekend!


When: 20th Oct - 22nd Oct

Where: Birdwood Square, Mount Lawley

A festival with a fantastic lineup of all meat, art, music, and wine, could you ask for more? BeauVine is different from the other food and wine festivals, and for sure to tickle the taste buds of any true foodie. Ridiculously delicious pizza from Mack Daddy's, a little bit of Asian flavor from Lucky Chan's, Dainty Dowager and Low Key Chow House, as well as some sweet treats from Chicho Gelato and Mary St Bakery, holy moly I’m drooling already!


When: 28th Oct - 29th Oct

Where: Market Square Park, Subiaco

Attention food and wine lovers! Over 40 of the WA's best boutique wine producers with a selection of over 250 wines, look no further, be ready to satisfy your wine-tasting palette here. You can also purchase a glass of wine and a meal, either sit back and chill on the lawn or take some favorites back home. You’ll think you’re a seasoned sommelier by the end of the day - or maybe that is just the wine talking.


When: 11th Nov - 12th Nov

Where: Esplanade, Fremantle

Two things: beer-drinking and food devouring. If over 300 unique, rare and limited craft beers and ciders are not attractive enough, how about the incredibly tender BBQ meat from Burnt Ends Smoking Co and hot dogs from Greenhorns? If you are a beer and beef kind at person, this is your heaven.

Gourmet Escape

When: 16th Nov - 19th Nov

Where: Leeuwin Estate Winery, Margaret River

As one of the most significant culinary adventures in WA, you'll have an excuse to wander down South this Spring. The heart of the festival - Gourmet Village, has gathered global and Australian acclaimed food and wine stars, as well as your favorite events to keep you entertained  including Gourmet Beach BBQ, Bao & Beer, and Sunset Beach and Bites. Be sure to get your tickets early to secure your place as they have so much more to sink your teeth into!

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Hermes Leung

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