When you think of high fashion, 3D printing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. An Italian designer, Simone Leonelli from W230 Studio, is here at PICA to prove that 3D Printed Fashion is indeed feasible, achievable and fashionable.  

WHEN: September 7 to 17, 10:00 - 17:00

VENUE: Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts Reading Room


W230 Lady shoes - Simone Leonelli

3D Printed Fashion is in

There was a time when unrealistic expectations emerged about what a 3D printer could do. Today, fashion designers have been widely utilizing this¬†hot new tool to shape their way in designing and producing unique yet gorgeous pieces. "Not just designers, anyone can also now choose to buy a 3D printer, rather than a bicycle or laptop. And you can create your own 3D printed pieces at home. How crazy is it?‚ÄĚ, Simone said.

Blurred Boundaries is bringing 3D fashion to Perth

Blurred Boundaries - 3D printed dress

"The pieces on display resemble cell skeletons like Radiolarians and Diatoms; it just reminds you the beauty of the sea," Simone explained. As part of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Program, 3D printed garments and accessories are what you can expect from Blurred Boundaries. It is a project about exploring fashion, biological structures, and technology, with the final pieces demonstrating a combination of natural designs and human interpretation. In order to stimulate the creativity and curiosity of the little ones, Simone has also collaborated with PICA's Spark Lab to organize some simple activities for kids.

In Conversation with Simone Leonelli

‚ÄúWe always love to get people to know more about the revolution and raise their awareness‚ÄĚ, he said. So, if you are wondering ¬†what the 3D printer looks like or the way Simone brings his pieces together, meet the designer himself on the 16th of September 3 pm at the PICA Reading Room for an in-depth chat!

Blurred Boundaries PICA
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