2016 - Let's Recap

2016 has had its ups and downs - well mostly downs. FInd out what made this year memorable.

Tessa Dempster
April 7, 2017
Good riddance 2016 you will not be missed. Let’s send you off by slamming the door quickly behind your back and reminiscing on how you truly disappointed us and ways managed to pleasantly surprised us. Here are some of the most memorable moments of the year that was – 2016.


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It’s unclear what Britain’s exit from the European Union will actually mean, not even the politicians know.

Cliff Hanger Elections

Donald Trump
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It was a Turnbull vs Shorten in Australia in the mid-year double dissolution election with Turnbull just holding on to his PM title. 

In the USA, it was Trump vs Clinton in a media packed dog fight until the death. In the end, America just couldn’t get over a few deleted emails and now the world will have to endure four years of President Trump. I get shivers just saying it.

We lost more than a few of the greats

Snape Harry Potter
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A few good men who brought to life to some of our most cherished childhood story characters, some of the most influential musicians, sporting legends across the world and more recently a cult icon.  Even the force wasn’t enough for Carrie Fisher to make it into the new year. You all will be missed.

Rio Olympics

Were athlete braved the zika virus, breaking records across the field probably trying to outrun the mosquitoes.


This loss affected many in different ways. Most took to the internet to vent their grief though various memes, while others tried to keep his memory alive by voting for Harambe for President 2017.

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Mannequin Challenge

A popular social media trend that has seen some impressive results. By this I'm talking about the very skilled, highly coordinated gym set videos like the one below ,and not the at home iPhone footage of you and your mates playing musical statues.


Pokemon GO

Congratulations of achieve one of the biggest revivals of all time. Taking a once beloved nineties trading-cade game and developing it into an app with over 500 million downloads. Hats off!

Some great TV

Jon Snow Game of Thrones
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When all our Game of Throne conspiracy theories are finally being confirmed. Hold the Door!

Stranger Things and a Gilmore Girls Reunion –Netflix once again proves why it  is dominating the streaming world.


Thank you Mr. Reynolds. We have become used to action packed sequel after sequel featuring the same few characters battling a new enemy that is threatening the world. Instead, Deadpool gave us inappropriate sexual humour, superheroes, and violence all wrapped up in a red suit.

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Beyonce – Formation

When your husband cheats on you and you don’t give a F@#k anymore. So you secretly write an album about it and release it without warning, or marketing for that matter. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Leo finally one an Oscar!

While the prestigious awards ceremony was clouded by race tension, DiCaprio still managed to come back on top by finally winning his very first Oscar.

Leondaro Dicaprio wins oscar
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I’ll leave you with this – Never trust a Kardashian

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