House is a theatre show for all ages that deals with themes of mental illness, friendship and kindness in a clever and humorous style.

scene from House - character centre stage in front of lamp lit house

House is a fantastical production with very real themes, dealing with themes of children experiencing various mental conditions and their outlooks on life. Written and directed by Dan Giovannoni and Luke Kerridge, the story revolves around 10 year old Cathelijin played by Chanella Macri, who becomes the loneliest child in the world. This is when a magical house from the sky appears and swiftly flies her away.

House is a wonderful reminder of how important a warm embrace from a friend can be. We watch with laughter as the characters solve problems and strengthen their friendships during their adventures in the sky. The idea of accepting loss and change is explored in a magical way as the play often reminds us that

When you lose something, you gain something else.
scene from House, 3 characters on stage

We had the chance to speak to Nicola Bartlett, an award winning tv, film and stage actor, who plays Elka in House. This is what she had to say about the ideas behind the show.

We underestimate children and their capabilities to tackle such large subjects,

Children deserve a healthy dose of magic to help guide them towards a safety house in a swirling storm of emotions. This story teaches children to be in touch with their emotions, and know that there is always a safe place out there for them - magical house or otherwise.

Scene from House, three characters on stage

So whether you’re young or have young ones around, this play is beautifully made to evoke a sense of belonging. Tied in with lovable laughs and an unimaginably magical set, House is made to make everyone feel young at heart.

Co-produced by Perth Festival and Barking Gecko Theatre, House is set to run at The Heath Ledger Theatre until the 20th of February.

Tickets are still available here.

Feb 19, 2021
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